Good discussion with my SIL last week

Good discussion with my SIL last week

This is a discussion on Good discussion with my SIL last week within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Last week I had a great couple of conversations with my SIL, about self defense, weapons, and such. She is not an anti by any ...

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Thread: Good discussion with my SIL last week

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    Good discussion with my SIL last week

    Last week I had a great couple of conversations with my SIL, about self defense, weapons, and such. She is not an anti by any means, rather she is just weary of them and doesn't understand them. Her Dad has had a pistol around the house her whole life, but he is not a shooter or a hunter so she never really saw guns a lot.

    It started on last Saturday afternoon, I had one of her kids with me and my 5 and I needed a new beater knife. I broke my Gerber Para Frame II by getting the clip caught on my office chair. It was the day before my birthday so it was a PERFECT opportunity to get a new one. So I do the honorable thing and call her to tell her I am going to the store to try on knives and I wanted to make sure it was OK if I took her Daughter, I even added "the store I'm wanting to go to has guns all over the walls"

    We have a Cheaper Than Dirt store near my house now /ADD

    She said that it was perfectly OK and thanked me for thinking to ask her (extra points with her and the Wife ). She told me that if I wanted to I could discuss with her what guns are used for, how they are safe in the right hands and how I am trained to use them, etc, etc.

    That night while we were at a movie at the Frisco Roughriders ball park (if you ever get the chance to watch a movie on a blanket in the outfield of a ball field, take it) and we got back to the car I took my safe out and unlocked it and reholstered it. She asked if I had it on the whole time and I told her that I didn't, I wasn't sure if the park was properly posted or not and didn't want to bother with the whole "Hang on while I go put something back in the car" so I locked it up. She then asked, but couldn't you have, you have a "permit or license thing". I said I have a CHL and yes I could have carried in (no ball game going on), now I know.

    She asked if it was loaded and on safety, so I told her I always carry loaded with one in the chamber and also explained my pistol doesn't have a traditional safety but the trigger has to be pulled a certain way to engage the firing pin. She then told me she never understood why people claim to carry a gun for self defense and have the gun here and the ammo over there (imagine her pointing). I told her sometimes regulations restrict people from properly carrying, but other than that I agree that it is not a practice I will use.

    The conversation ended with her asking if sometime I can take all of us out and shoot my .22 rifle or something.

    All in all a great couple of conversations with my SIL and some education for her and her daughter. I got a great SOG knife for $25 and all the kids got a CTD sticker (which they put on their backs, see pic below).

    Good discussion with my SIL last week-ctd-outing.jpg
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    Sounds like a good will ambassador in the making. Good job. Now go get ready by buying some more ammo.

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