Muzzle Blast Photo

Muzzle Blast Photo

This is a discussion on Muzzle Blast Photo within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; After much trial and error in fading light and falling temperatures last night, trying to get a picture of the muzzle blast in the dark, ...

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Thread: Muzzle Blast Photo

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    Muzzle Blast Photo

    After much trial and error in fading light and falling temperatures last night, trying to get a picture of the muzzle blast in the dark, nothing seemed to be working. So I had to resort to my photoshopping skills.

    Here is the before picture.

    ..and here is the after picture.

    Actually, I just thought about this. I could take the whole plume and move it up right in front of the barrel, but then it would look like the gun didn't recoil.
    You think?
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    That's a pretty darn good handhold with proper technique!
    I’m always amused when I see TV shows where the so-called ace cop or CSI is test firing a gun with their index finger all the way through the trigger guard. Yes, even our hero ‘Dirty Harry’ did this taboo in his famous ‘make my day’ scene photo.
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    Two things, one minor.
    Minor, that's the "Do you feel lucky?", photo, the "Make my day.", was in a coffee shop.
    Other. The finger through was taught at one time, in double action, shooting revolvers. The concept was the trigger was squeezed until the finger tip touched the frame. That was at the time of cylinder lockup. From there a small amount of additional pressure fired the round. The concept, at the time, was that it was a more accurate way to fire double action, closer to single action, than a straight pull through and nearly as fast.
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    Here's a muzzle blast...
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    tkruf, that's a pretty graphic example showing recoil on a pistol. Amazing, isn't it, how the bore axis changes after such a brief time? Of course, we all know about the snap of recoil and how far off-line a gun an move. Puts it into perspective seen from the side, like this.

    Thanks for the photos.
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