Wild Boar Charging...video

Wild Boar Charging...video

This is a discussion on Wild Boar Charging...video within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; saw this on another forum, don't know if it's been posted here or not, but I wanted to share! looks like they were taken by ...

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Thread: Wild Boar Charging...video

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    Wild Boar Charging...video

    saw this on another forum, don't know if it's been posted here or not, but I wanted to share!
    looks like they were taken by suprise, lucky if that guy on the right wasn't shot!



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    He looked OK all being well but - some pretty hair-raising shooting there. Adrenaline had safety all but compromized.
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    No doubt with that guy on the right. Looked like the revolver was directly on him. Way too many guns waving around. Scary just watching it.

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    The guy wearing the butt pack looked to be the "guide". He's the one with the pistol that sounded as if he fired at least 3 quick shots. The camera was at an angle that looked as if the guy that went slideing down the hill (the sport)was pretty much in the line of fire. Hopefully this wasn't the case.

    The boar was the larger Europeian breed that has been imported into the hill country of Kalif and mountains of Tenn. He looked to be 400+ lbs.

    These hunters were on his turf. I surely don't condone what the shooter did but someone had to put the big guy down or someone was surely gonna get cut.

    This is a fine example why I only hunt with certin people. We always have a plan and a backup plan. The hunters should have spread out shoulder to shoulder when they thought that he might charge.Their charge is just as spontanious and fast as a bear.

    I hunt in area's that is allot thicker than the video. The swamps heve very thick vegetation with palmetto's,bamboo,and heavy vines that will wrap you up. Ya gotta be ready to shoot or climb. That's your only two options. ---------

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    WOW, that is crazy. In looking at it several times the "gudie" possibly? that is shooting looks to me at a pretty good angle to the boar and the guy sliding down the hill. I don't think there was much chance for him to hit the guy from the way it looks. I wouldn't want to try it or anything but it looks a bit safer than it seems when just watching it once.

    They had to do something though, he was on his way to do some damage.

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    Was I supposed to laugh at that, because I never knew that dead pigs rolling down hills makes me laugh!?
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    They are definitly lucky that only the pig got shot. The guy sliding down the hill covered both of his buddies above him with the rifle barrel at least once as he slid down.
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    Like everyone else said. I am suprised no one got shot.
    One shot. One kill.

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    There was one rifle shot....anyone catch which guy shot their rifle? I imagine it was the guy on the left.

    Notice where the shots are being taken from? Looks just like a hundred dash cams videos I've seen. The human brain starving for visual input. Handgun 4-8 inched below line of sight. Rifle shot from about the same.

    Interesting how people can not get to their training when the SHTF.

    The handgunner was a shooter though, he may have been using his point shooting skills. He looked pretty damn comfortable and accurate. Four shots as fast as he pulled the trigger is not bad and I believe that he got all four hits. You can see the effects of the first shot on the Boar. That was the hard shot! The three that followed were at "can't miss" distance. Nice form actually!

    I believe that all five shots were shot without the falling person being in the line of fire (it was getting closer and closer though). The falling guy did cover his buddies, but he had the most important rule covered, his finger was not on the trigger.

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    I don't know what was more dangerous...the boar or the shooter. Luckily all ended well. I think this a good example of why to carry a .357 on the hip when in rough terrain with the possible threat of boars, bears, or bigfoots.

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    Tis why I practice shooting from the hip a lot, reflexes are the only thing that saved their rear, and the guide looks as though he had them. Bet that big pig looked llike a freight train comming at them like that, bad angle on a steep hill very bad decision other than bruses looks as though no one was hurt, but that guy that got out of dodge via down hill method sure looked like he was in the line of to me.
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    I think this falls into the "any landing you walk away from, is a good landing" category. Nobody had a shot untill he was right on top of them. Amazingly enough, replayed several times it's obvious that the rifle shot at the end came from the guy sliding down the hill, and it appears that he put the boar down with it. I think it took awhile for testicles to re-descend afterwards though.

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