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Thread: NEED ADVICE (Business)

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    What a kind thing to do, My wife and I are in no way rich $$ people, but we always manage to find a few dollars for the folks in our area that have less than we do.

    A buddy of mine started s non profit and he used to help navigate thru the maze of guidelines.

    Good luck with this.
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    Thanks Varob. Been researching on and off today, will.check out that site as well.

    Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EB31 View Post
    Ok. I would like some serious advice...guidance if you will...on what I may or may not need to begin a small, family run non profit operation.

    Do I need a business license to operate?

    Would I need a business license to have items donated from companies?

    Would I need a tax exemption number to get said donations?

    How do I get a tax exemption number?

    Non profit means NON PROFIT! Not one penny changes hands. Not for gas money, no salaries...nothing! I feel so many non profit organizations are full of crap with their CEO's driving BMW's and living in $450,000 homes etc.
    An admirable mission.

    - The need for a business license depends on your state, county and local laws and regulations.

    - No one needs a license to get free stuff (donations) - but you will be asked to furnish proof that you are a charitable organization, so the donors get to write off the value of what they donate. This is one duck you need to line up before you start asking for donations.

    - Again, depending on your state and local laws, a "tax exemption number" is only necessary so that you may not have to pay a sales/use tax on any of the things you purchase to make your business run. Even though you're a charitable org, you may need to buy supplies of some sort on which you would normally pay sales tax.

    - You will also need to look into Federal tax laws. Understand that there is a difference between a not-for-profit organization and a true charitable organization (typically called a "501(c)(3)" charity). A lot of state tax laws mimic the Federal ones, but you will have to do your "due diligence" and scope out both.

    - Be prepared to get anal retentive about keeping good records - that's important for your donors as well as for your own protection from the IRS! What you receive, what you give away, and receipts for any expenses incurred are the minimum.

    - Be aware that some localities with restrictive zoning won't even allow a charitable organization to operate in a residential zone. For the most part, as long as you don't annoy the neighbors, though, no one would either know or care.

    Good luck with your venture!
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    Sorry, I can't offer any business / professional advice BUT I wanted to offer my encouragement and support.
    PLEASE keep us all posted on your project and good luck to you - I'm sure EVERYONE here is in your corner!!
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