$1500 restitution for $79,000 damage

$1500 restitution for $79,000 damage

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Thread: $1500 restitution for $79,000 damage

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    $1500 restitution for $79,000 damage

    Off topic but no humor, here.

    Another tap on the hands and then wonder why the kids didn't get the message.

    IMHO -- the church should sue in civil court for full restitution -- I don't care if they are under under 10 years old. Their parents/guardians should be held accountable.

    In the meantime, I hope their probation is supervised a whole lot closer than some I have knowledge of.


    Five children sentenced in vandalism of Norfolk church
    Williams sentenced the children, ages 9 and 10 at the time of the vandalism, to supervised probation and fined each $300. The juvenile and domestic relations court judge scolded the defendants, parents and family members for lacking remorse and a sense of "common decency."
    Be sure to check out the video and stills of the damage.
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    Williams noted the children had little parental oversight and guidance. "Maybe that's the root problem," he said.

    Maybe? Around here we call that "nail on the @&#$#* head."
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    Should have had the kids help with the clean-up, which the parents could pay for along with the damages!
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    9 and 10 years old? Inexcusable. Hope some lawyer in the congregation sues all five families pro bono to get some reimbursement.
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    These little 'dirtbag seeds' will be visiting the courts again...only a matter or a few years until they can be called "keepers".
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    Just a symptom of the days we live in. Noone takes responsibilty anymore. Its a shame.

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    If the want to commit "big boy/girl" crimes, they should have to face "big boy/girl" penalties. Their parents should have to pay the $79,000 and clean up the church with their little "angels" helping them do so. On top of that the parents and the children should be on probation till these children turn 18. Many children these days grow up and aren't brought up.

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