Contacts & Eye drops?

Contacts & Eye drops?

This is a discussion on Contacts & Eye drops? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I sometimes wear contact lenses. When I do - if I use eye drops I make sure I find the ones that specify they are ...

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Thread: Contacts & Eye drops?

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    Contacts & Eye drops?

    I sometimes wear contact lenses. When I do - if I use eye drops I make sure I find the ones that specify they are okay for use with contact lenses.

    Does anyone know if the regular eye drops would really be a problem with contact lenses?

    I have to wonder since they cause no problem for your actual eye - if they would really be a problem on contacts???
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    For several years, I had contact lenses. I had always used the Refresh Contacts brand of drops. I've seen them in most grocery stores. There are several different brands of drops that are advertised as "safe" for use with contact lenses. Though, I don't know if "normal" eye drops are bad for them.
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    The goal of regular drops in removing redness by constricting the eyes blood vessels. It does have lubricating properties, but not like contact drops do. I dont think it would hurt anything, but I would ask a doc first. I used to wear contacts, but they always bothered me, so now I am 4 eyes.

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    I was prescribed Opticlean Replenish to clean and store my contacts a long time ago. I've grown out of the habit of doing so, but I used to EDC a contact case and a tiny bottle of that same stuff to use for eyedrop purposes. I wouldn't consider using another product in my eyes or on my contacts unless my doctor told me otherwise.
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    I wore contacts for a few year, never really liked them, but here's the issue you need to think about before putting drops in your eyes.

    The big issue with contact lenses is that they must allow tears and oxygen to circulate behind them so that the cornea gets adequate nutrition and oxygen. If the contacts don't fit, or if something interferes with the circulation, you risk damaging your eye.

    For this reason I think it is important to not put anything in there unless you are certain it is approved for use while wearing contacts of the type you use. The allergy drops constrict the blood vessels and may interfere with tear production and circulation.

    I'd not use anything I'm not 100-110% certain about. Call your eye doctor's office and ask if you aren't certain. It takes a few minutes to place a call and get an answer. It can take weeks for a cornea to heal if it ever does at all.

    And don't rely on an off the cuff answer from a pharmacist (usually they know but not necessarily) or a friend who is a nurse but not working in an opthalmology practice. You need totally reliable information.

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    I keep both types around the house. But if I am wearing contacts I either use the contact drops or a drop of contact solution. I can't say if it would hurt or not. But it's cheap enough to keep both around to not worry about it. To add to Hopyards idea. If the eye does not get O2 from the outside, it will grow blood vessels to supply it. You can't see through blood vessels though, so that's a bad thing. I had some starting and I had to change from wearing contacts for a week at a time to taking them out every night.

    Are you wearing them for more than a day at a time? If so, try taking them out at night. I find that I use a lot fewer drops when I take them out every night.
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    I've worn contacts for 25 years. I just fill my cupped hands with water, bring it to my eyes and blink in the water a few times. No problems.
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