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Got my deer this morning

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Thread: Got my deer this morning

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    Heck, my first deer was so small my hunting buddies still kid me by telling everyone else that it had spots on it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Heck, my first deer was so small my hunting buddies still kid me by telling everyone else that it had spots on it!
    The spots give you something to aim at.

    Nothing wrong with putting does in the freezer. I'm headed back out tomorrow evening to try and do exactly that. 2 more deer should get me through the year. 3 would have me sitting pretty. I usually get a few gimmies from friends and family. We have had more bucks on our property this year than normal. A 6 ptr, the 8 ptr I got, a spike I shot, another spike, and from the looks of it a couple more starting to tear up the woods around my stand. It's been an interesting season so far. I would love to take one with a pistol.
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    Congrats and good job!

    You're a lucky man - the Mrs is very pretty.
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    Seems like forever since I have been able to hunt any critters in the U.S. My leave blocks never seem to line up with the Ohio gun season (and I don't own a bow, or have time to train with one on leave). That makes me rather upset sometimes actually, when I was up in the mountains of California a couple months back, we would be setting up a bivouac site near a road, and all the happy hunters would drive past and wave with antlers sticking out of the beds of their pick ups. My next leave block is about 2 weeks after gun season ends this year. And I don't feel like jumping out of a tree with a Bowie knife at the hogs on these islands (apparently that is the traditional way to do it, no thanks).

    I'll get my deer next year, thats for sure, but it doesn't mean I don't want mine this year too.
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    Wow, I am ashamed of my little doe compared to that monster. You wont find many deer like that where I hunt that are natural roaming deer, unless you go to a deer farm or some place like that to hunt. And even then , its so iffy to get in pistol range. But if I saw one like that and had a shot, Id take it! Great deer! - glockman10mm

    Dude, that doe is gonna eat fine. As far as size, coupla years ago we needed meat asap, so I proceeded to hammer a doe at the foot of my stand w my Ruger SBH w 240gr jsp. Realized just how small she was when, after loading her into the truck my buddy put the spare tire on her to "keep her from blowing out when we git to the hard road". yuk yuk yuk.
    This particular buck does seem better than average for south GA. When I swung by my folks' house on the way to the processor, the guys refinishing the house (locals) came to have a look. They offered up some nice compliments. Processor noted it was a nice animal as well. Right at 15" inside spread. I couldn't be happier. He hadn't started fighting yet (pre rut) or stinking to high heaven. He's gonna make some great sausage and bacon.
    I'm takin' my Ruger up after Tgiving for a 2 weeker.

    Anyway, g10mm, you've got more goin' for ya than most urbanites: a hunt, a kill (w a handgun), and a Mrs that shares your passion.


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    Congrats on the kills!

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    I got this one Monday afternoon, using a Remington 11-87 slug gun and Federal sabots. One shot at 70 yards.

    Unfortunately, he had one brow tine broken off or he would have been a nice 10 pointer.

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    Well yall are putting me to shame. Here's the spike I shot:

    And here's the 9 point I'm planning on getting sometime this year.

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