Gun/shooting programs on TV?

Gun/shooting programs on TV?

This is a discussion on Gun/shooting programs on TV? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Anything worth watching out there? I just have basic cable but I'd be interested in getting more programming if there is something worthwhile....

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Thread: Gun/shooting programs on TV?

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    Gun/shooting programs on TV?

    Anything worth watching out there? I just have basic cable but I'd be interested in getting more programming if there is something worthwhile.
    We're all in favor of reducing violent crime. It's just that pro-gunners have a method that is proven effective. Anti-gunners don't.
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    I've got slightly above basic DirectTV; I have the DVR record the following gun related shows,
    On "The Sportsman Network" Ch 605
    Personal Defense TV - 2-3 weapon techniques, 1 hand to hand defense technique, 1 Massad Ayoob segment; even if it's a rerun I'll watch it for the Mas segment. Format and host recently updated, still good info but more "dressing" now
    Handguns- When it's new, it' opened my eyes to parts of the handgun world I hadn't known much about, indepth on a narrow genre of handguns, and always at least some hint of technique instruction, and usually some sort of gear review. I don't usually watch reruns of this.
    Tactical Arms- Hosted by Larry Vickers, it's become more in your face in it's most recent season, I only watch new episodes when they discuss a weapon system that already interests me.
    - Mainly reviews of trendy new guns, of course always sponsored so almost always glowing reviews of what they have on screen, I let record and I tend to watch a 30min episode in about 8 just hitting the segments that look goo that episode.
    On SpikeTV, Saturday mornings
    What If- Breakdown of events following a defense senario, usually active shooter, they've talked about a TX cafe shooting, Columbine, Attack on the Holocoust museum. It's like watching the beginning of a Discovery channel type documentary without getting into too much detail, but focuses on "here's where training did or easily could have changed things" attitude
    Conceal and Carry School- Reality TV, so it's the here's 8 peoples stories, there's not a competition, but everybody has a story as to what brought them to guns. Showcase for the Ruger Firearms line. I watched about half of the ones I recorded the others got a few short segments watched between fast forwarding.
    Practical Tactical- Showcases home defense and law enforcement techniques and strategies.
    Because lives depend on it- Same as above, but puts a little more toward personal defense techniques, some episodes have been proponets of scaling force, encouraging hand to hand and pepper spray training.
    The SpikeTV shows have all the normal Spike fluff over the realist message, kinda takes away from the shows but if you can sit through it there's god nuggets buried in them. My Favorite in order are Personal Defense, Handguns, Practical Tactical and Because lives depend on it. Out of those The PDTV I'd say is worth the DVD, the rest I personally wouldn't pay extra for, but I think we get them as part of the same package some of the sports are in (girlfriend needs the Big Ten network to catch all the Badgers football) Hopefully the little synopsis's will be more helpful in making a descion for you.

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