Hospital fines $13,200 for unsafe security officer situation

This is a discussion on Hospital fines $13,200 for unsafe security officer situation within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The state has fined Harborview Medical Center more than $13,000 for serious worker safety violations, saying the hospital has left its security guards ill-equipped ...

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Thread: Hospital fines $13,200 for unsafe security officer situation

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    Hospital fines $13,200 for unsafe security officer situation

    The state has fined Harborview Medical Center more than $13,000 for serious worker safety violations, saying the hospital has left its security guards ill-equipped to deal with dangers ranging from violent citizens to explosives.
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    They could save a lot of money by posting some "No Guns" signs around the place. I hear those things work miracles!
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    The $13K in fines would have been better suited for buying Glocks for the employees, and things would be much safer for potential victims.
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    The hospital I formally worked at employed off duty city and county officers for security. They wore their on duty uniforms, we didn't have many issues.
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    I have to say this: Law enforcement agencies have no duty to protect an individual (as ruled by SCOTUS on something like 7 occasions), so why does a hospital staff have a duty to protect an individual, or a guard, or any particular patient? They don't fine PD's for being ill equipped, poorly trained, or lousy marksmanship, or for standing by while knowing people are being stalked and killed, even if their is a restraining order that could be enforced and isn't (true story). So why should the Hospital have to pay a fine for being no worse than a some police departments? Makes no sense to me that the hospital security staff should have more responsibility than law enforcement.


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    they fined the hospital for not providing its officers with even the basics of training, there is a difference, if you were to hire me, as a guard. would you want someone with a high point and a maglite, or would u want someone with a full duty belt, a glock and training to use it?
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    As a security officer in a Level 1 Trauma Center, this is no news to me. Hospitals don't want to protray themselves as being violent. Who wants to go visit a loved one when they see armed guards walking around. Of course, when they see an armed confrontation those same visitors sure will wish that the security officer that HAS to confront that armed individual had the proper tools to do it. At least the staff (nurses/techs/dr's) are on our side. Just gotta get the suits to see the light.

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