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Thinking about getting a Jeep.

This is a discussion on Thinking about getting a Jeep. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; You asked for it.... Consumer reports ranks the Jeep in the top 11 worst cars. Fuel economy, noise, agility, fit and finish are at the ...

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Thread: Thinking about getting a Jeep.

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    You asked for it....

    Consumer reports ranks the Jeep in the top 11 worst cars. Fuel economy, noise, agility, fit and finish are at the lowest levels.

    Jeeps are poor highway performers and not built for speed. Inefficient fuel consumption, high center of gravity making it dangerous for roll over and uncomfortable ride are not good attributes for regular road use. While Jeep boasts that it sells to more owners who actually drive off-road than any other brand, the majority still spend most of their time on pavement.
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    Had 2 jeeps, they both sucked if taken off road.
    Have an 06 Xterra now and couldn't be more happy.

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    Some of that may be true Sig, and mine does spend most of its time on the road. That doesn't stop me from loving it. As far as agility goes, I'm not sure exactly what they define as agility. Sudden maneuvers at highway speed aren't suggested, however the turning radius on my Jeep is amazing. The wheelbase is short and narrow, so while it drives like an old army truck, it does it with a very tight turning radius. As far as fuel economy, that's a tradeoff. I can think of vehicles out there which get much worse mileage than Jeeps and their owners probably use them for their intended purpose less. *cough*hummer*cough*

    Rollover, well that's definitely a risk if you drive it like a sports car. I've only ever been in fear of rolling mine once, and that was because I had to suddenly avoid an idiot on the highway who swerved into my lane while right beside me very quickly. The only reason I was really afraid though was because I'd recently disconnected the front sway bar to see how it rode. Disconnecting that makes for a bit of a smoother ride, but causes a lot more body roll. I made a heck of a hard lane shift and even with that disconnected it didn't roll. So yeah, you can't drive it like a sports car, but that's not why you buy a Jeep.

    The noise and rough ride might bother some people, but to be honest I find my Jeep more comfortable to ride long distance in than my parents' Impala. I get out of their car stiff every time. With my soft top there's a lot of noise, but it can help at times. I can hear emergency vehicles from a long way off so I know to be looking behind me for where they are, and in front of me for where they might be going.

    Not to mention it's nice to be able to drop the top and remove the doors in the summer. Then there's last winter. 3 days after I got my Jeep we got our second big snow of the year here, adding onto what was already there from Christmas. Engage 4WD and commence laughing at all the cars stuck in snow drifts. Flooded road on the way to my girlfriend's house a couple months back? Engage 4WD and carry on. Let's not get stupid, I'm not going to drive through a foot of rushing water, but who cares about 6 inches of standing water when you have 33" diameter tires and 4WD?

    Highway driving... Granted, acceleration is not great and maximum speed is greatly influenced by the direction and speed of the wind that day. It really isn't a problem though unless the wind is pretty stiff and constant. 95% of the time I have no problem hitting 75MPH if I feel like it. And no, it's not scary to drive that fast in it.

    All this to say, Jeeps certainly have quirks, and they're not for the faint of heart. But I love my Jeep.
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    Oh boy..... I love me some jeeps! My last one was an '02 TJ Sport. I NEVER had any problems with it. My intended use was offroading on forest trails and rock crawling in Moab. The inline 6 was a great little engine....never did any gearing or T-case upgrades and the stick shift allowed me to keep up pretty good power buy controlling the shifting. Although an auto is better for the crawling. We had ours lifted just 3" with bumpers, skids, etc.... Drove great on the road and also served as a daily driver. I miss that vehicle more than I thought I would. It had nearly 100K on it and ran perfectly. Even after many years of hard offroading.

    Your intended use should determine which model you are looking for. Daily driver....look for the Sahara, just nicer interior/exterior finishes. If you plan on doing any mods/larger tires I would be looking for a TJ Sport with the optional Dana 44 rear end at a minimum. If you are buying this for an offroad toy you should be looking for a stock/un-modified Rubicon. The Rubi's come with everything you'll need minus a proper suspension....Dana 44's front and rear, rocktrac t-case, skids, rock rails and of course.....lockers front and rear. A modded out one will probably be pretty beat up.....may look good but might have some worn parts.

    Sig's comments may be true for someone looking for a daily road driver. But that's so far from accurrate for someone using it for it's designed use....offroad. OMO. The wife and I are already planning the next build.....they are very very addictive.

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    Jeep stands for Just Empty Every Pocket. I bought a 1997 used with 40k miles on it, dumped 5 grand on parts, installed them all myself, and took it on the Rubicon, the Hammers, the Dusy Ershim, and a ton of other california trails. It was a blast. I had to sell it this year, and I still miss it. Someday, I'll have another. Get one with air conditioning...even with the top down, it can get hot, and in the south, you'll want it. I didn't have an AC in mine, and it was fine in Cali, but when I moved back to TX, driving it in the summer was hell, even with the top and doors off.

    Get full doors, not half doors. They are a LOT quieter on the highway, don't let water in, and look better. Half doors were a cool idea, but there's no point in going half door when you can just take the doors off completely. I had half doors and almost broke down and spent the money on full doors.

    If it has a lift, check for the slip yoke but if the drive shaft is CV, you shouldn't have problems. I had a slip yoke eliminator and a CV driveshaft on mine.

    Check under the carpet for rust. A lot of jeeps get rusted floorboards for some reason...mine never did...I think people just don't take care of them properly.

    Do NOT buy a 4cylinder. Get the inline 6. If you get a 4 banger, you will regret it forever.

    If you can afford a bone stock used Rubicon, get it. It has better axles for when you want to upgrade to bigger tires, and a much better transfer case...4:1 ratio instead of 2:1

    Remember, it's noisy, rough, uncomfortable, and the most fun you'll ever have on 4 wheels :D

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    My 92 Wrangler 4 cyl 5 speed had been beat to death by 3 kids and the wife, is a hoot to drive, been in a car sandwich accident (was the only one drivable after) but also watch out for a bad steering damper....
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    I used to own a Ford Bronco II, Eddie Bauer. It was as good on the highway as it was off road. I never put a dime in it for repairs and I gave it to my daughter when she went away to college. She sold it when she graduated. It clocked well over 200K. I've owned full size Blazers, Tahoes, Bronco's, 4-wheel drive pick-ups and Suburbans. None of them treated me as good as that Bronco II. I kinda like that Toyota FJ. Its like a cross between a Jeep and a Bronco, but a lot more reliable than either.

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    I've owned two of them, the first was a `93 the last one was an `03. the `03 had coil springs much better ride if your going to drive it much. Both were soft top, with sticks. As one who has owned both, try to find one with roll up windows if you go soft top, the zippered windows get to be a pain if you hit ATMs, or drive throughs, or just check the rural mailbox daily (guilty of all of the above). I drove mine every where I went, had to that's all I owned. They both got roughly 14-17 mpg locally and a big time jump to maybe 18-20 mpg on the highway. :P I really enjoyed both of them, but I eventually needed a vehicle I could actually lock and expect my stuff to be in when I got back.
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    I own a 97 wrangler for 10 years. I beat the hell out of it and loved it. I now own a 08 wrangler and love the hell out of this one too.

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    My brother had a Jeep, I felt like I was almost leaving my kidneys at every turn. Not a good city car. Another thing is parts are expensive.
    Since you are going to be shelling out some money anyways, get a used one.

    C9H13NO3 is right about the Rubicon, but if you are going to use it in the city get a Sahara.

    I also sold Jeeps for awhile, always intrigued me why people would leave behind a good vehicle to purchase one of this clunkers, for the most part i saw some type of middle age crisis going on. I can understand kids choice of a jeep as a first vehicle, what do they know.

    Another thing, you are going to have to get a trailer, because there is no room inside for anything, even the rear seats are a joke.
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    Like they say, It is what it is. I have an 05 Unlimited. Love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunGeezer View Post
    You didn't mention how you were going to drive it, city, highway, or on-off-road. My son just got rid of his because he injured his back and could not stand to ride in it on the highway. If you live a long way from a medical clinic, don't drive it on the way to get your PSA test. You won't be happy with the results.

    I've never owned a Jeep, but I was in the market for a new vehicle a few years ago and test-drove a friends' Jeep Cherokee w/ the 4.0 V-6 automatic. I thought it'd be a neat ride being fairly small with a decent V-6. Yup, with the top down it WAS a fun ride.

    Something I didn't think about tho (DUH! ) was that it drove like a truck! If you go into it knowing that it's NOT gonna be a 'cushy' drive and test drive one, you'll know what I mean.
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    I've had 1 YJ and 2 TJs and My wife and I love them. The straight six runs forever if taken care of. I would really advise full hard doors. My first had half doors and they were a real pain. On road there is Jo doubt it's not a cadilac but it's not that bad. Off road they are little mountian goats. If the driver knows what he's doing there isn't many places they can't go.

    I would say go for it. I have never met anyone other than a preppy yuppie that didn't like a Jeep. If someone thinks they ride too rough or they are too loud, tell them to go get a civic and stay in the city limits.

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    I love Jeep. Going to look at a 2001 Cherokee sport next weekend. Guy wants $2000, I wajt to pay $1500. 153,000 miles.

    We'll see. But I do love Jeep. You can get well over 300,000 miles out of a decently cared for Cherokee.

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    Jeep Liberty V6 laundromatic transmixer, bought new.
    Could not be happier unless it had come with a blond, two kegs of beer, a matched pair of Glock 17s and a bushel basket full of hundred dollar bills.
    (If you're gonna dream, dream big!)
    Mostly highway driving but here in the Yankee flat lands of NE OH, snow is a factor.
    I recommend this rig and will have another.
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