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Thinking about getting a Jeep.

This is a discussion on Thinking about getting a Jeep. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by babyhulk I've never owned a Jeep, but I was in the market for a new vehicle a few years ago and test-drove ...

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Thread: Thinking about getting a Jeep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyhulk View Post
    I've never owned a Jeep, but I was in the market for a new vehicle a few years ago and test-drove a friends' Jeep Cherokee w/ the 4.0 V-6 automatic. I thought it'd be a neat ride being fairly small with a decent V-6. Yup, with the top down it WAS a fun ride.
    Huh? A convertible/soft top Cherokee?

    I miss my CJ-7. I'm probably getting a CJ-2A here before too long, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Backnblack View Post
    Had 2 jeeps, they both sucked if taken off road.
    Have an 06 Xterra now and couldn't be more happy.
    I love my 03 Xterra. It does pretty decent off road for a bone stocker.
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    I have had my 1972 CJ5 for years. It has the 304 V8 in it, with a three speed manual tranny. Easy to work on and I drive it alot. Back then the only after market hard top was built by Kelly. It came with hard doors and roll up windows. Looks a little like a mail jeep with the hard top on it. LOL I use this old jeep nearly every day. I picked up an old military quarter ton trailer to pull behind it. Fixing to replace the springs on it as after 30 plus years they have sagged alittle. They are neat rigs. Just don't expect them to be something they are not.
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    I wanted a Jeep for a long time, but various circumstances, didn't have one yet. Then, I saw my daughter-in-laws JEEP after being involved in an accident where people died, cars were destroyed, and everyone in the JEEP (although totalled) walked away from it with no injuries. The passenger compartment was all intact, although everything outside of it was destroyed. I saw all of the cars sitting next to each other in the same junk yard.

    I then BOUGHT a Jeep. Not the best gas mileage, but love it .... especially off road and in very bad weather.

    Now also wanting a "pasture JEEP" , to use out at the farm/pastures..... able to handle rugged, hilly terrain with many gullies, etc. to go thru. Has to be easy to work on, reliable, and good in all types of terrain.
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    Here's a place near me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    The biggest piece of advice I an give you about a used Jeep is this; Shop around and know what you are getting into. Jeeps tend to be beat on or modified by people who have no idea what they are doing. I'd buy one that is bone stock, or at least one with proper documentation of work being done by a reputable shop.
    With that said, it is easy to find one that is in great shape. A lot of people buy them not aware just what the vehicle is and end up selling rather quick for a loss.
    As is usual with SIXTO, he has given you some excellent advice. I have had several Jeeps, I am partial to the Cherokee myself but have had a few Wranglers as well. I will not be with out one for the rest of my life I can assure you. They are the ultimate SHTF vehicle. MUCH better than the stupid Hummer, especially the H2 or H3. I have seen Wranglers and Cherokees got places that Hummers couldn't get into and get out of places that Hummers were stuck door handle deep in.

    If there have been modifications doe to the Jeep, unless there is actual documentation that someone who runs a shop that does this kind of thing professionally has done the work, I'd pass. That's the biggest thing right there. And as SIXTO suggested, I'd find one that is completely stock, no modifications at all and I'd buy that one. Then you know no one has done any back yard modifications.

    Enjoy and when you find your Jeep, please post pictures.

    I would suggest going to this forum and joining and asking the guys over there. They know what they are talking about. These are some real Jeep enthusiasts.

    My Jeep is a 1994, 2 door, 5 speed manual transmission Cherokee that is pretty much stock except for a few minor mods. I love it. It has 220,000 miles on it and is still going strong. It's got some oil leaks right now that I need to have taken care of but, it has never left me on the side of the road and it has never gotten me into a place or a trail that it couldn't get me out of.
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    We own 2 jeeps a 1994 wrangler 131,000 (not a typo..bought new) never a problem. 2004 grand Cherokee 187,000 in line six never a problem except for the brake rotors a known problem in the WJ. I have owned many and will own more. As far as soft tops I like the CJ's and YJ's anything after 1995 I don't care for. YMMV

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    I second jeep, a great resource. I am on my 5th Jeep, an 06 TJ. If you want to mod it for off-roading, you will want an automatic transmission. As stated above, Sixto gave you great advice. If you want to off-road it, buy a bone stock six cylinder auto, and either do the mods yourself, or pay someone to do them. That way you know they are done right.

    With the truck-type frame that a wrangler has and the roll cage, this little vehicle will allow you to walk away from most any crash.

    If you buy one, you will be hooked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PAcanis View Post
    I own a Jeep, but without knowing your intended use, like gun geezer said, I'm not sure what to say about it.
    Mostly to work and back home - 20 min's one way. Then just for some top down trail riding and down to the beach and back.
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    Oh, also as mentioned, the Jeep wave is typically made with the thumb, index, and middle fingers raised from the hand that is at the top of the steering wheel. There is a hierarchy to the wave also. Typically a newer Jeep will wave first when meeting an older Jeep, and an unmodded one will wave first when meeting a modded one.
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    Pretty much everything Paaiyan said about rollover and the direction of the wind would also describe my Ranger lol

    But I have a fellow pizza driver who has a Jeep. Would not be my first choice for a gas-mileage-dependent job, but he loves it! He probably fits the "midlife crisis" profile, but whatever.
    It's definitely a fun truck!
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    The majority of Jeeps aren't ever taken of road. I would shop around for one that has had an easy life (think college girl convertable). The year models you are looking at have coil springs vs leaf springs. Some had Dana 44 rear end rather than a Dana 35. I would look for one with the Dana 44. It will hold up to hard use and large tires better. If you are planning on using it for off road you might want to look for a Rubicon. Rubicons have Dana 44s front and rear with selectable lockers and a rockcrawler xfer case. The factory upgrades on a Rubicon would set you back thousands to do after market. I would go online and order the QuadraTrac free catalog to get an idea about how much it is going to cost for parts just in case you run into a deal but don't have an idea how much repairs are going to cost. Some of your best deals will be on the 4 cylinder engines. I have never owned a 4 banger but have friends that do and they are fine. You don't give up anything off road and driving a Jeep fast on the highway isn't a good idea. The 4.0 6 banger is great engine. There is a lot of them with cracked header pipes, but thats not a big deal. I would probably try to find a Jeep Limited. It has a longer wheel base and was only made for a couple of years.
    I love Jeeps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArmyCop View Post
    Mostly to work and back home - 20 min's one way. Then just for some top down trail riding and down to the beach and back.
    I bought an '02 in 2004 Wrangler Sport, soft top, with 34K on it, $15,000 out the door. It was registered to a young woman and completely stock. Soft top, 4.0L 6 cylinder engine, 5 speed, normal tires and wheels, radio. I took the back seat out of it to make room for hunting stuff and gear when I go to the range. I use it in the summer crawling all over farms getting to good spots for ground hog hunting - love it for hunting. It has about 70,000 miles on it now - I don't drive it a lot but I sure enjoy it.

    It gets around 19 mpg average the way I use it. Probably do better if it was all on the road.

    The only problems I've had:

    The heater fan switch burned out in the #2 position and had to be replaced in '06.
    One of the links on the front anti-sway bar broke and I had to replace it in '07 - which I did myself - only took a few minutes.
    The OEM tires wore out at 45,000 miles and I replaced them with Michelin all terraine tires.

    I like it with stock wheels and tires. A buddy has one that is all jacked up and it's a mess, weaves all over the road in the slightest breeze and wants to roll over if you look at it crosseyed. He wishes he hadn't spent the bux to mess it up. that said, if i was going to be on beaches instead of farm fields and rocks, I'd probably look for some fatter tires and live with the reduced handling on highways.

    If I had it to do again, I'd get a hard top for it. My soft top is toast - has been for 2 years now. If I were to put it down I wouldn't be able to put it back on and zip up the zippers. Hard tops last a long time and are more secure. I don't like to leave it parking lots with much of anything in it for fear they will just cut the top and take what they want.

    Mine is fine on the expressway at 65 - 70 but I wouldn't like driving it much faster than that. It's not a sports car, the design wasn't optimized for highway driving. Recognize it's limitations, drive defensively, and it's just fine.

    This is my second Jeep. My first one was a 1964 CJ-4 with a 4 cylinder F-head "Hurricane" engine that sounded like a gyroscope at 50 mph. Not sure what the rear end ratio was in that but it sure was short winded.

    The Jeep I have now can break every speed limit in PA in 3rd gear.

    You don't need to worry about the radio and speakers, with a cloth top you can't hear them anyway going faster than about 45 mph. The wind noise drowns it out.

    But it's a fun vehicle. My wife recently suggested we trade it in on a new AWD V6 Highlander like she drives. I turned her down. The Jeep is paid for and goes places that would cause no end of grief for a highlander. The short wheelbase and lack of overhang works well in rocky farm lanes and steep banks on and off roads into fields. My Jeep isn't going anyplace with out me.

    Then, there is the Jeep wave. Folks that drive Jeeps wave to each other. It's a Jeep thing like sports cars used to do back in the 1950's, for those of us who remember the 1950's. I like it.


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    I had a 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport that the wife and I just loved, lots of fun and you can add so much to them(mix and match), put some nice mud terrain tires on it and you're good to go............ I definately would not hesitate to own another jeep someday !!

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