What is your opinion on the suspect missile launch off our west coast?

What is your opinion on the suspect missile launch off our west coast?

This is a discussion on What is your opinion on the suspect missile launch off our west coast? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm surprised this hasn't already been a thread on here yet, so thought I'd start one to see what people think. Back on Nov 8th ...

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Thread: What is your opinion on the suspect missile launch off our west coast?

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    What is your opinion on the suspect missile launch off our west coast?

    I'm surprised this hasn't already been a thread on here yet, so thought I'd start one to see what people think.

    Back on Nov 8th there was a report of a missile launch off the coast of California by a new helicopter camera man.

    It was very quickly thwarted to be a contrail and hushed up in the media.
    Here is one web page I just pulled up while trying to find the latest news about it.

    We have a lot of ex/retired military here on the forum. What do you all think about this? Contrail? Missile Launch? Someone covering up a story that might spook the nation into mass hysteria?

    If you google mysterious missile launch california, you'll get other hits as well.


    EDIT: Sorry the title should be West coast, not East.
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    Da' Guberment' wouldn't lie to us, right?
    Perhaps more disturbing than the photos and footage itself was that the US government, NORAD, and the military all seemed to deny any knowledge of what the object might be.
    Yeah right!
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    Weren't there a few Air Force guys a while back who said that between WWII and the Cold War era, there were multiple incidents of unidentified craft hovering in proximity to desert missile base/silo bases, and everything suddenly shutting down without explanation? They were hushed up about it from the top. Perhaps the same unidentified elements who were investigating and disabling our nuclear arsenal are also now experimenting with launching them.

    Imagine how significant this would be if that was a legitimate nuclear, bio, or chem warhead tipped missile that was launched. How many conventional missiles do they keep in silos along the coast, towards Russia and China?

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    Absent any usable size reference in the video I saw, and knowing that shoulder-launched missiles (e.g., the stinger) are capable of reaching over 10,000 feet altitude, the seat of my pants says Cisco and Pancho from one of the Mexican drug cartels were playing with their new toys. The small size and short flight time make those buzzbombs hard to track on civilian radar systems.
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    What bothers me is, someone should be able to say..... an aircraft flew that area at XXXX time, and this is contrails from it's flight path. But, no one has said that nor identified a flight .... which would be fairly easy to do. So, given that..... I'm back on "missle", and skeptical that no one wants to say what it was, or knows what it was.
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    Having seen many aircraft contrails they have always been horizontal never vertical. It does look a lot like the smoke trail of a Trident launch.

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    Optical illusion (particularly at this time of day also notice the size of sun and moon at their rise and set, it's partially due to elliptical atmosphere and partly due to having reference points, which factored into the width) creating a false sense or perspective, coupled with a contrail (moisture in the atmosphere condensing after passing the air craft), high altitude winds (helping disperse the contrail), sunlight reflection off of an aircraft providing a bright glint of light that had an increased red hue as a result of the light being filtered by the LA smog, ontop of an overwhelmingly slow news day. The slow news day allowed all the 24 hour cable news networks to gobble it up and turn it out enough times that the national broadcast networks had to cover it. The next evening they spotted the same thing in New York City. I saw the exact same "missile launch" contrails on the O'hare approach patterns in the evening almost all summer when I lived in IL.

    The story was proof not of missile launches or aliens but that sheep will eat up any dumb comment a news anchor makes, and as actual journalism rapidly fades away (and many in the industry say it's already totally dead) in lieu of higher ratings soundbyte machines, it's going to become more common.

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    what's really disturbing is that it took NORAD,NASA,the Air Force several days to figure out what it really was. Had that been a enemy missile launched at us,we would be in big trouble,I dont know a lot about missiles but I would think they would hit us before we vould identify them. ir also sohows exactly how weak we are. Now the world knows it takes us 2 or 3 days before we can identify an ubknown object.

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    funny how the contrail had a bright yellow/white spot (flame trail) at the contrails origination point during its entire flight until it broke free of the atmoshpere. Just sayin...
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    While I find the contrail theory plausible, I find it disturbing that no one has yet identified the aircraft that supposedly left it. If it was a normal commercial flight was it following a normal commercial route? If so why was the FAA not able to announce that day that is was XXX Airways flight YYY from Seoul to Atlanta? IIRC one of the military officials that was asked about it and said it was not a threat was noted to have grinned. I think it was quite possibly a contrail from what ever has replaced the SR-71. Assuming it is classified there would be no identification offered by the military, and I imagine it would be fairly stealthy so the FAA would not have a radar return from it. Also it would be flown outside commercial lanes so as not to permit commercial pilots to get a look at it.
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    It became obvious to me years ago that you can't believe the information given to us over the television, radio or newspapers.

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    Our government ticked off China too many times... and they gave us a "warning". That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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    I found this most interesting.
    So, I discovered little San Nicholas Island, just where the missile was seen.
    It is used by the Navy for testing missile defense systems, shooting down drones launched from far away.
    I did a Google Earth search and saw a 10,000' ft. runway on an island with virtually no buildings.

    So, I figured, "no big deal, Navy shoots missile". But, why the denial? I guess the military denies everything. (read lies).

    I have seen endless excuses of jet contrails. But hasn't a veteran chopper pilot in LA seen contrails? Something made him record this one.

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    Kind of like Area 52,which i have seen by the way.Govment denys existence of an area that has 'deadly force authorized' signs everywhere.This is not a form of hiding,it is simply a failing effort to keep terrorists from knowing the same things we do,so we dont get to know nothing.

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