Eeeee-gads. Well, let's see: 66 from 2010 means she was born in 1944. Her official "wrong turn" was "mid 60's" 1944 from 1965 is 21. She mentions mainlining H as a "young girl"? Somehow, I don't really think she means "21". Hmmm.

Oh, I'm /certain/ she is going to turn over a new leaf. (In search of a type of crime she has not been involved with, probably.)

I don't have a lot of patience for the sort of person who passes bad checks, either. I (temporarily) had a live in girl friend who was big on that, who used informing on people for stuff she talked them into as a means for getting favorable treatment from the police. She did not fool the cops on that regard, but they did what they had to with her. By good fortune, I moved her out pretty early. She tried to steal one of my handguns as she left. I got it back, eventually and with enough nagging.