My growing hatred towards aggressive dogs

My growing hatred towards aggressive dogs

This is a discussion on My growing hatred towards aggressive dogs within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Last night returning from my walk around 10:30. A neighbor 3 houses down lets her 4 dogs run free to do their business in everyone ...

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Thread: My growing hatred towards aggressive dogs

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    My growing hatred towards aggressive dogs

    Last night returning from my walk around 10:30. A neighbor 3 houses down lets her 4 dogs run free to do their business in everyone else's yards. She does this every night. She does it later in the evening because no one will see. Yes, I have had many talks with her and I have contacted the animal control who said they can do nothing to prevent it.

    Of the 4 dogs there is a smaller white poodle that is the most aggressive one. It came charging down the sidewalk toward me. It kept lunging toward me in what appeared to be an attempt to bite. I tried to continue toward my house but it would circle back and try to bite my ankles.

    I reached my driveway where I saw a bagged news paper laying there. I kept the flash light on the dog slowly bent down picked up the news paper and rolled it up tightly. As I attempted to go inside the dog once again surged at me. I then let him have it and threw the news paper close range as hard as I could. I nailed him in the belly. He yelped and ran away to his owner who was standing there watching.

    She said..."don't you hit my dog!" I said ... "either leash him or next time it will be worse."

    My wife says it's not the dogs fault and that I shouldn't have hit him. I say next time he gets the pepper spray in the face. (I could break his back with my 9 iron but I'll hold off on that one) This will probably result in the dog owner calling the police.

    I hate that stink'in little poodle or any other aggressive dog that invades my space and I have no compassion toward them.
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    Unleashed aggressive dog in your yard charging you, you certainly can hit him. It's not the dogs fault his/her owner is a jackass but you need to defend yourself.

    I never walk my own dogs now without my pepper spray.

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    I could envision a poodle being drop kicked over the house. Football anybody?

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    I can understand how you feel about it, .... pepper spray may be the best alternative. The dog won't come back after that. I try making friends with any dogs, that way they see me as a friend that will pet them..... but, I've ran into the yappy snappy ones.... that are a true nuisance.
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    My dad shot a neighbors pitbull which was attacking my dad's english bulldog ($2500) while they were out walking after work, about a month and a half ago. Around our parts, animal control will not respond vicious dogs after 5pm.

    Animal Control On Call Policy

    Due to the serious nature of rabies and the possibility of transmission through animal bites etc., Animal Control will provide limited service after regular working hours. After hours is defined as Monday through Friday from 5:00 PM ‑‑ 8:00 AM as well as weekends and holidays.

    After hours, Moore County Animal Control:

    Should be called and will respond to:
    l . Animal bites to humans
    2. Bats inside sleeping quarters
    3. Domestic animals that have physical contact with wild animals

    Should not be called and will not respond to:
    l . Snakes, etc in living or sleeping quarters
    2. Vicious dogs or strays
    3. Barking dogs
    4. Police assistance (except as listed above in “…will respond to”)

    So if you've got a crazy wild pitbull in your yard trying to attack you or your animal, it has to bite you before they come out.

    He got charged (1) month later for animal cruelty and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Ain't that something? Even the investigators at the Sheriff's Department said they would've done the same thing, but the owner wanted to press charges.

    I'm buying him a can of that bear spray pepper spray that shoots a 30' stream for Christmas.

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    It's not the dog's fault. The owner is allowing this behavior. But no one should have to deal with this type of behavior from a dog.

    I would spray the dog, but I wouldn’t aim for the face right away. I would cover as much of the coat as I could. That should make bath time fun for the owner. But, then again I have been called ill mannered.

    BTW OC spray may not be effective on all dogs. There is evidence that trained K9s can work through it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    I could envision a poodle being drop kicked over the house. Football anybody?
    Precisely my reaction. I may not shoot the dog in that case, but I'm a soccer player and I'll do as much or more damage to that dog with my foot as I would with a bullet.
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    Anybody ever heard of steel toe boots? Stomp that dog,hold it there and make the woman come over to get it.Then charge her with trespassing.

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    I don't blame you. I would have done more than hit him with the newspaper. If the thing came on my property attacking me, depending on what I had on me, it would be dead, get sprayed, or I'd be practicing field goal kicking.
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    What is it with you people in FLA wanting to hit things with their golf clubs? Dogs... Escalade windows...

    I'd spray it. And I don't see anything wrong with whacking it with a newspaper either. You could certainly have done worse. Hopefully the dog got trained the first time and won't bother you again, even though it is the owner's fault.
    Hard to believe FLA doesn't have a leash law or won't at least register your call as a complaint. With the nature of people's ignorance towards dog breeds, I bet if you said it was a pit or Rottie the police would be right over. Some people jump at the opportunity to sensationalize a dog breed with a bad rap.

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    If you don't mind the pain, let the dog bite you. Then sue him and hopefully take his home and evict him afterwards. You would get rid of the dogs and the neighbor. Later you could rent the place out or sell it. All profit.

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    First of all, calling Animal Control is always a hit-n-miss proposition. Our animal control dept. is pretty worthless. Ours will not deal with any wild animal at all. Strange acting racoons, opossums or animals like that, forget about it. They will only deal with domestic dogs and cats and even then, there is no consistency. They are pretty good about picking up stray's to euthanize or charge people a fine... but only if it's not a chore for them to do. Basically the criteria is, if they can drive up and open the door to the truck and the dog happily runs up and jumps in with his tail wagging, they'll grab it. Anything which requires expending energy on their part, just isn't feasible for them and you get the standard, "Sorry, there's nothing we can do about it" response. It sounds like your animal control is very similar to ours.

    With all that being said, you aren't without options... and without resorting to being cruel or needlessly hurting the little nuisance dogs like the poodle, which merely seems to have an uncaring and irresponsible owner who won't train their pets, control their behavior or keep them restrained.

    I know of very few communities who do not have some sort of leash laws for dogs. Cat's don't usually fall under leash laws, but some towns do demand cats be leashed as well. And while most communities who have leash laws, frequently choose to be lax in their enforcement, if you continue to push the issue with the police, they do have to at some point enforce the laws and ordinances of the community.

    If your community has a leash law, and you call the police and insist on signing a complaint, they are essentially bound by the law to enforce it. They may hem-haw around, and try to tell you there's nothing they can do, and such, but if you press the issue I'm sure the police will issue a citation. (I will tell you, that all the police I know, are unanimous in the fact that they hate calls from people who complain, but are not willing to sign a complaint). If you're not willing to sign a complaint, they are not so inclined to go out of their way to help you out with your "little situation." If you tell them, you're going to sign a complaint and take the time to show up in court, then they'll be more than happy to write the citation or make an arrest if it's appropriate to do so.

    Again, while our Animal Control dept. is pretty lame, our police officers do frequently issue citations to pet owners for a whole lot of infractions. You just may have to be a little insistent.

    Also, OC spray is a good and effective deterrent to the smaller nuisance dogs as you described such as poodles and such. Sure, I know Not All Dogs are deterred by OC spray, and if in attack mode may not be affected. However, for the yappy, nippy, ill behaved due to lack of obedience training type dogs, I think you'll find OC spray to be pretty effective. And you don't have to end up physically hurting the dog by beating it with a 9 iron or drop kicking it through the goal posts.

    Finally, you can bring a civil action complaint to the pet owner and haul her butt into court and get a few bucks in a monetary award.

    I certainly understand your frustrations. And you do not have to put up with it. I've had a couple neighbors with problem dogs. I was firm, polite, indicated a clear knowledge of applicable laws and city ordinances, and I made it clear what failure to comply would mean. No threats, no anger and no BS. They got the message and knew for certain I meant what I said. On both occasions, they opted to take car of their nuisance dog instead of pressing the issue further.

    Good luck. I understand your frustrations. I have the same frustrations with those kinds of animals and pet owners. But I'm also an animal lover, and choose not to take my frustrations out on the animal. However, an animal in obvious attack mode, is a whole other story and situation. I've never had to shoot one yet, in many many encounters... But I won't hesitate either if that's what it takes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    if they can drive up and open the door to the truck and the dog happily runs up and jumps in with his tail wagging, they'll grab it.
    Yup, sounds like ours, too. Why are we paying these guys?

    Heck, reimburse my gas, ammo, suppressor & NFA stamp, and I'll gladly do the job gratis. The county would save a fortune, and I need the practice...

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    My avatar says how I would handle it...

    I am assuming you're walking just to walk, and not with a dog of your own? I have a neighbor that walks with his crippled Corgi and his chihuahua off the leash. The Chihuahua has charged my German Shepherd (always leashed) on a couple of occassions, and always stops just short of my dog reaching it (I have to admit, I still hold the leash, but make no effort to shorten it...). The idiot owner then yells at me for not controlling my dog. Maybe the next time, I use a little bit longer lead...

    I also grew tired of his dogs coming into my yard, right up to my windows and pi$$ing in my flower beds while my dog barks in the window. I springled generous amounts of cayenne pepper around the bushes, and the dog only came up to the window once more before it got into his nose.

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