Gas Mileage Question

Gas Mileage Question

This is a discussion on Gas Mileage Question within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; FOM has a Chevy Silverado pickup truck rated to use regular grade gas. He claims he used to get 11 mpg on regular – started ...

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Thread: Gas Mileage Question

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    Gas Mileage Question

    FOM has a Chevy Silverado pickup truck rated to use regular grade gas. He claims he used to get 11 mpg on regular – started using premium and it went up to 16 mpg.
    Anyone here ever try this - results????
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    Something tells me he did his math wrong or changed the way he drives without realizing it. Upgrading to premium will have little to no effect on your mileage.
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    A near 50% increase in milage, no I ain't buying that.
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    i had the same thing happen in my Grand Marquis, I got 50 mpt higher, my milage went from around 240mpt to 320mpt, it was absolutley amazing
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    The question is, what does the manufacturer call for in that model? If it requires 92 octane and he's been running it on 80 something, then changing to the correct level there is an excellent chance this will increase the mileage.

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    Seems to me he should have been getting around 16 from the start! Mine is a 2006 and has always been 15.9MPG city/ 19MPG hwy.
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    My '95 GMC with 175k still gets about 18 mpg the city, not so much, closer to 10mpg! EPA estimates are known to be fairly accurate with highway estimation but notoriously inaccurate for city ratings. I'm no mechanic but I've been told that using higher octane fuel in an engine not designed to use it can harm it in time. Any mechanics around?
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    Possibly related here: A friend of mind, who keeps up with his gas mileage closely, told me that his gas mileage would change noticeably (lower) whether he used ethanol-laced fuel or not. I haven't tried it, I'm only repeating what he said he experienced. He was convinced over the difference.
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    Been years since I flipped wrenches for a living, but back in the 1980's there were a few models where that was possible. With just about everything being computerized today I would imagine it is more common. But....... For this to work it would be necessary for the on board computer system to be programmed a certain way. If the vehicle is equipped with a knock sensor it is possible for the ECM to advance the timing and lean the mixture. With higher octane you can get more advance. More advance = more power and better mileage. Too much advance = boat anchor. Too lean a mixture= holed piston. The computer has to balance inputs from oxygen sensor, knock sensor, manifold absolute pressure sensor, throttle position sensor, etc. to keep the emissions down.

    If the computer system does not advance timing based on the octane of the fuel, higher than recommended octane fuel is a waste of money.
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    anything is possible in the right combinations...when you say his silverado is rated for regular gas i am assuming that means 87 or 89 octane unleaded mpc stated a higher octane fuel could allow more advance and better mileage as a result...the amount hes giving you is an awful large difference though...i could see a small 1-2 mg difference but that much is staggering...

    higher octane cannot cause damage in an engine but it can raise some concerns with the fuel management system at times...a knock sensor equipped vehicle generally will periodically advance timing and look for spark knock to test the system operation...if the higher octane fuel forces it to go outside its programmed parameters to achieve that (or not achieve it at all) it can flag a problem and turn on the malfunction indicator lamp....

    higher octane fuel can cause some driveability problems in colder weather also as it tends to burn a bit on the cooler side and can cause extended cranking to start...flooding and hesitation until the engine reaches operating temperature in a vehicle not designed to run on high octane fuel...

    i would suggest your friend try it out long term and see if the numbers hold some cases people change their driving habits or go on a trip...experience better fuel eceonomy and get excited only to be let down when reality sinks in...if it works for him and offsets the additional cost more power to him....

    regarding the comment about ethanol fuel resulting in poorer fuel economy...thats a fact...etanol in fuel lowers the btu output quite a bit resulting in less performance frm the same amount of can expect as much as 10% less fuel economy with ethanol....considering it is added up to 10% to the gas it really isnt doing anything to reduce the dependancy on foreign oi as we use about the same amount per mile due to the reduced economy...and the amount of fossil fuel used to harvest, process and transport the corn/ethanol offsets it by scores...another myth blown...

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    Quote Originally Posted by INccwchris View Post
    i had the same thing happen in my Grand Marquis, I got 50 mpt higher, my milage went from around 240mpt to 320mpt, it was absolutley amazing
    Speak American Chris,not Canadian numbers.

    I never heard of any catastrophic downsides to running 91,but that increase did not come from the fuel switch alone.Traffic must have been 15 mph slower than normal and he didnt take into account that maybe he was driving on highway with 91 and city with 87.

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    I would guess that mpt means "miles per tank".
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    eh i like my diesel 3/4 dodge cummin 12 valve if i use a bit of fuel additive i can get 26 mpg cruisin down the highway at 70 mph and goes 650 mpt

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArmyCop View Post
    FOM has a Chevy Silverado pickup truck rated to use regular grade gas. He claims he used to get 11 mpg on regular – started using premium and it went up to 16 mpg.
    Anyone here ever try this - results????
    I think he needs new batteries in his calculator.

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    Two thoughts on this, when at higher altitudes (above 5,000 feet) I switch to premium fuels and as a result get better mielage... Second thought regular now can run as high as 15% ethanol which can really bugger AKA lower your fuel mileage (I lost close to 20% on E-85), could the premium have a lower ethanol content....
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