Handguns vs. Wives

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Thread: Handguns vs. Wives

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    Handguns vs. Wives

    Why A Handgun Is Better Than A Wife?

    #10 - You Can Trade An Old 44 For A New 22.

    #9 - You Can Keep One Handgun At Home, And Have Another For When You\'re On The Road.

    #8 - If You Admire A Friend\'s Handgun, And Tell Him So, He Will Probably Let You Try It Out A Few Times.

    #7 - Your Primary Handgun Doesn\'t Mind If You Keep Another Handgun For A Back Up.

    #6 - Your Handgun Will Stay With You Even If You Run Out Of Ammo.

    #5 - A Handgun Doesn\'t Take Up A Lot Of Closet Space.

    #4 - Handguns Function Normally Every Day Of The Month.

    #3 - A Handgun Doesn\'t Ask, \"Do These New Grips Make Me Look Fat?\"

    #2 - A Handgun Doesn\'t Mind If You Go To Sleep After You Use It.

    And, The Number One Reason A Handgun Is Favored Over A Woman

    #1 - You Can Buy A Silencer For A Handgun!

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