Good deed for the day

Good deed for the day

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Thread: Good deed for the day

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    Good deed for the day

    I've said it before, my job is not in the best part of town. I can see the homeless shelter from the door, several camps in the area, and basically the low rent part of town.

    So as I am opening the door to leave tonight I notice that there are headlights shining in the lot. I poke my head around the door and realize it's a police car. He pulls up and asks if I had called 911. Told him no. Then I notice an ambulance pulling in the lot. They pull up and ask me the same thing. By now a fire truck is pulling in. And I am blocked in and can't leave.

    The cop pulls in the back lot to look around. The ambulance goes down the side road. And the fire truck is turning around. I asked the firemen a couple questions, but they just seemed to be along for the ride. Not really sure what they were looking for.

    So I finally get my truck out and start to leave. At this point the emergency vehicle count is 1 ambulance, 1 fire truck, and 4 police cruisers. I pull onto the road and decide to drive slow and look between the two buildings. I've had homeless folks get in there and fall and get hurt before. Nothing. As I am turning my head back to the road something catches my eye. I slow down and pull up even with it. It's a person laying in the parking lot beside ours. Not good. It's mid twenties and they look unconscious.

    So I stop my truck and put on the flashers. I hit the horn a few times. Then get out of the truck. The ambulance is leaving in the opposite direction so I try yelling at them. No luck. It looks like everyone is leaving behind them too. So I manage to pull out my flashlight and light up the back of the ambulance from about 1 1/2 blocks away. Glad I had new batteries. I can't tell if they see it though. The fire truck is getting ready to pull out, so I light him up. Then flash 2 of the cruisers. Now, everyone's stopped and hopefully looking my way. I shined it on the guy on the ground, still not moving. Now everyone is headed over. The calvary gets there. I get a "Thank you" from the ambulance driver and I get out of the way.

    If I had to guess I would say it's one of the local homeless guys that had a few too many drinks and did not see the low wall around the parking lot. It looked like he stepped off and just sprawled out on the asphalt.

    Not your typical flashlight saves the day story. But it sure was nice to have this evening. Beats screaming my head off in the middle of the road. Never a dull moment I guess. About a month ago there was a felony stop in front of the place. Guns drawn and all.
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    The world needs more conscious, concerned citizens. Who knows how long the guy would have laid there if it weren't for you. Thank you.
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    Great job, Chief. That's what it's all about.
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    Great job you probably saved his life.
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    Great job.
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