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What's something cool about your state?

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Thread: What's something cool about your state?

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    A scumbag cant sue me, if I shoot his/her criminal scumbag relative. Gota love "The Gunshine State"

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    Georgia is the biggest state east of the Mississippi.

    Atlanta was the home of the 1996 Olympic Games. (It is also one of the most violent cities in America, but we won't talk about that!)

    Georgia was the 13th Colony to be settled-1732

    The University of Georgia is the oldest public university in the nation. GO DAWGS! SIC 'EM! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

    We have the Blue Ridge Mountains in the north, rolling hills known as the Piedmont region in which Atlanta is located, coastal plains in the south, and a natural coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

    Savannah is one of the oldest towns is America. It has been occupied twice in war. Once by the British during the Revolution, and once by the Union during the War of Northern Aggression. Unlike Atlanta and other towns in Georgia, Gen. Sherman recognized it's historical worth and decided not to burn it to the ground. Instead he offered it as a Christmas present to President Lincoln in 1864.

    Famous gunfighter John "Doc" Holliday was born in Georgia and was a dentist until he sought adventure in the Wild West.

    The Atlanta metro area is one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S.

    Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta in the late 1800's.

    Ted Turner started his media empire in Atlanta- Superstation TBS and CNN. (I watch Fox News!)

    Until this year, the Atlanta Braves have been one of the most sucessful baseball teams in MLB history, since 1991 they have been to the World Series 5 times, winning 1 in 1995, and have won 14 straight National League Division Championships. Looks like that streak will end this year. Maybe they can at least win the Wild Card but it looks like they are going to be watching the post season from their living rooms!

    President Jimmy Carter was from Plains, Georgia. (UUUUGGGGHHHH, don't get me started on him!)

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to Warm Springs Georgia to swim in the hot springs located in the area. This was therapy for his paralysis from Polio. His residence there became known as the Little White House. This where he passed away in 1945.

    Oh, and did I fail to mention-Georgia is VERY PRO-GUN!!!! We were one of the earliest CCL states.
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    More Montana

    Okay, so I was being facetious in my first post.

    Big Sky.

    Montana is actually two states, the eastern (prairie) side & the western (mountain) side. The two sides have very little in common. The capital is on the eastern side. Go figure.

    The entire state population is less than the population of the Portland, OR metro area.

    State income tax & property tax, but no statewide sales tax.

    Gun friendly. Shall issue CWP. Concealed carry in bars is illegal. Open carry in bars is legal.

    Pro-gun Democrat governor, but other than that............

    Yes, we have a speed limit!

    World class trout streams, but fishing regulations even Einstein couldn't decipher.

    Glacier & Yellowstone National Parks.

    Custer Battlefield. (I refuse to use the PC name of Little Bighorn Battlefield).

    Largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi (Flathead Lake).

    Summer home of Ted Turner, Phil Jackson, David Letterman & Jim Nabors, among other luminaries.

    Did I mention Big Sky?

    When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains,
    And go to your God like a soldier.

    Rudyard Kipling


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    Florida, Shall issue, no income taxes, 2 basic seasons, Summer and Snowbird.
    Life is too short to be serious!

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    central Ohio
    Ohio State Buckeyes-2002 National Champions

    Put-In-Bay, Southbass Island-our very own tropical drinking island

    Lake Erie-a boaters paradise

    Deer-we are over run by deer

    Varying topography-from the very flat of NW Ohio, where the highest hills are the turnpike overpasses, to the rich lush forests and clifts of Hocking Hills

    Shall Issue State

    We get rid of our unethical, criminial, "let's destroy Ohio's economy" POS Gov. Taft come Jan.1

    And my favorite, and we are so proud that our very own RINO, US Senator Mike DeWine was the only Republican to be endorsed by the Brady Campaign this year! We are SO honored that we were awarded a D- by them. We hope to earn an F next year. We will try harder! And maybe if we get Castle Doctrine passed, we can earn ourselves those very cool billboards that Florida got!
    Member of the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors
    www.BuckeyeFirearms.org Buckeye Firearms Association Central OH Chair
    NRA Instructor/CCW Instructor/Realtor
    2009 NRA Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award Recipient

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda
    Put-In-Bay, Southbass Island-our very own tropical drinking island

    Lake Erie-a boaters paradise
    Just got back from the islands myself. Took the Miller ferry over. It really is like being at the ocean. I have heard people call the Lake Erie Islands "The Poor Man's Cape Cod".
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    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Arizona: The Grand Canyon State (Haven't seen it in almost 40 yrs. in state)
    Meteor Crator (Same as Above)
    Climate Zones from desert to forest (Seen most of them)
    Open Carry and Shall Issue State
    Prescott (Home of America's oldest Rodeo)
    Indian Casino's (Whatever that is worth)
    Liveable Winters (I was born and raised my first 12 yrs. in Indiana)
    Phoenix (Big City and getting BIGGER all the time)
    Tucson (The Old Pueblo) Trying to grow like Phoenix, not sure why
    Flagstaff 8100ft. elevation, yes it snows there, sometimes, maybe
    The Painted Desert and The Petrified Forest
    Kitt Peak National Observatory
    The Chiricahua Mountains (Think Geronimo and Cochise and Apache)
    The White Mountains (Just Plain Beautiful, summer and winter)
    The Superstition Mountains (Lost Dutchman Gold Mine legend)
    Yuma (Yuma Territorial Prison, yes it's a real place, not just something from cowboy movies)
    Lowell Observatory (Where the planet Pluto was discovered from)
    Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (The Boneyard for old planes)
    Titan Missile Museum
    Pima Air Museum (They have an SR-71 and soon a B-36)
    Anybody else from Az. can fill in anything I missed, I'm sure I have missed some things, but we have so many, it's hard to remember all of them sometimes
    Oh Yeah, Debm1911 and myself, good folks to know and The Scottsdale Gun Club, more good folks to know.
    Thanks for listening, see ya later
    Tombstone (Almost forget that one)
    "Gun Control means hitting your target, Repeatedly"
    "Always fire two warning shots to center mass before taking head shots"

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    Here's s'more Missouri trivia...

    Some of the most fierce battles of the War of Northern Aggression were fought here. William Clark Quantrill moved to Missouri from Ohio before the war. He started off as a Northern sympathizer until a northen leaning Jayhawker (y'all know who you are ) killed his best friend. Game on! Quantrill was a gentleman and a learned man. However, if you were a Yankee or a Jayhawker no sympathy or mercy was shown. His band of Partisan Rangers were the best pistol fighters around. Most of his men carried six-wheelguns, and shot with both hands from their horses. Their reins were in their mouths. When he raided Lawrence KS he did have a list of folk he wanted killed. NO WOMEN OR CHILDREN were on that list. Now I know the Northern papers said his Rangers killed women and children, but you can't trust the media.

    Frank and Jesse James were from Missouri as well.

    Harry S. (I Dropped THE Bomb...TWICE) Truman was from Missouri!

    Sheryl Crow, Sara Evans, Carl Edwards (NASCAR), Jamie McMurray (NASCAR), Kenny Schrader (NASCAR), Bob Costas, Joe Buck, and a bunch of other famous people are from Missouri.

    Oh, and Missourians are stubborn too...Show Me!
    Press the fight!

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    Mr. Quantrill and his friends murdered several folks in Lawrence, Kansas. He later took up refuge in the Indian Territories north of the Red River, and spent time in northern Texas where his style of "fair play" continued. Some of his proteges included: Jesse and Frank James, and Cole and Jim Younger—who went on in the late 1860s to apply Quantrill's hit-and-run tactics to bank and train robbery. Quite the respectable group, you say?


    My Mother was from Mizzou. I was born and bred Kansan. Go Hawks! Just pulling your chain, ShowMeState1977 MO is a great state, BTW. Lived there for awhile!

    Gotta remember Dorothy and Toto.....
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    Quite the respectable group, you say?

    Depends on whose side you are on.
    Press the fight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShowMeState1977
    Quite the respectable group, you say?
    Depends on whose side you are on.
    Well said!
    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: Buy These Stickers Here

    "A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon the world" Albert Camus

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    New York
    You know you're from New York City when...

    You say "the city" and expect everyone to know that this means Manhattan.

    You have never been to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building.

    You can get into a four-hour argument about how to get from Columbus Circle to Battery Park at 3:30 on the Friday before a long weekend, but can't find Wisconsin on a map.

    Hookers and the homeless are invisible.

    The subway makes sense.

    You believe that being able to swear at people in their own language makes you multi-lingual.

    You've considered stabbing someone just for saying "The Big Apple".

    The most frequently used part of your car is the horn.

    You call an 8' x 10' plot of patchy grass a yard.

    You consider Westchester "upstate".

    You think Central Park is "nature."

    You see nothing odd about the speed of an auctioneer's speaking.

    You're paying $1,200 for a studio the size of a walk-in closet and you think it?s a "steal."

    You've been to New Jersey twice and got hopelessly lost both times.

    You pay more each month to park your car than most people in the U.S. pay in rent.

    You haven't seen more than twelve stars in the night sky since you went away to camp as a kid.

    You go to dinner at 9 and head out to the clubs when most Americans are heading to bed.

    Your closet is filled with black clothes.

    You haven't heard the sound of true absolute silence since the 80s, and when you did, it terrified you.

    You pay $5 without blinking for a beer that cost the bar 28 cents.

    You take fashion seriously.

    Being truly alone makes you nervous.

    You have 27 different menus next to your telephone.

    Going to Brooklyn is considered a "road trip."

    America west of the Hudson is still theoretical to you.

    You've gotten jaywalking down to an art form.

    You take a taxi to get to your health club to exercise.

    Your idea of personal space is no one actually standing on your toes.

    $50 worth of groceries fit in one paper bag.

    You have a minimum of five "worst cab ride ever" stories.

    You don't notice sirens anymore.

    You live in a building with a larger population than most American towns.

    Your doorman is Russian, your grocer is Korean your deli man is Israeli, your building super is Italian, your laundry guy is Chinese, your favorite bartender is Irish, your favorite diner owner is Greek, the watchseller on your corner is Senegalese, your last cabbie was Pakistani, your newsstand guy is Indian and your favorite falafel guy is Egyptian.

    You're suspicious of strangers who are actually nice to you.

    You secretly envy cabbies for their driving skills.

    You think $7.00 to cross a bridge is a fair price.

    Your door has more than three locks.

    Your favorite movie has DeNiro in it.

    You consider eye contact an act of overt aggression.

    You run when you see a flashing "Do Not Walk" sign at the intersection.

    You're 35 years old and don't have a driver's license.

    You ride in a subway car with no air conditioning just because there are seats available.

    You're willing to take in strange people as roommates simply to help pay the rent.

    There is no North and South. It's uptown or downtown.

    When you're away from home, you miss "real" pizza and "real" bagels.

    You know the differences between all the different Ray's Pizzas.

    You're not in the least bit interested in going to Times Square on New Year's Eve.

    Your internal clock is permanently set to know when Alternate Side of the Street parking regulations are in effect.

    You know what a bodega is.

    You know how to fold the New York Times in half, vertically, so that you can read it on the subway or bus without knocking off other passenger's hats.

    Someone bumps into you, and you check for your wallet.....

    You cringe at hearing people pronounce Houston St. like the city in Texas

    Film crews on your block annoy you, not excite you.

    You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from NYC.

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    North Dakota
    Sitting Bull Surrendered up at Ft Berthold, Teddy Roosevelt ran a herd for two years at Medora, Ft. Lincoln is where Custer Rode out of. Mandan has the oldest Rodeo. Our legislature meets every two years for only eighty days, so they have little chance to mess things up. The city of Bismarck is growing up by leaps and bounds.

    Forty below keeps the riff-raff out. If I wanted to carry my peacemaker I can get away with it by wearing a duster and no one would look cross eyed at me for it.
    "[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons.
    They are left in full possession of them."

    Zacharia Johnson (speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention,25 June 1778)"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed." ~Alexander Hamilton

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    I can step off my back porch when I go to visit my parents, and see only 1 tree for 15 miles.Theyre closest neighbor is 3 miles up the road.

    It can be 102 degrees and hot as hades one day, and snow the next. (havent seen exactly this, but have seen it be 94 one and snow the next)

    I can walk into a gun store, and walk out with whatever the heck I want to. No "waiting period" or purchasing license.

    I could carry an AK in each hand, and have 2 Ar's across my back and walk across the parking lot at a gun show, and not get any strange looks...most likely Id get an offer or 2.

    We have REAL BBQ.

    We have REAL mexican food.

    I can drive for 12 hours and STILL be in the same state.

    Man, I love this dry, hot, sometimes desolate place.......
    Fear No Evil.

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    The Lone Star State
    And Texas has the Alamo, Shrine of Liberty ~ where 183 defenders of freedom bore arms against an insurmountable foe. And as a result of that stand, the rallying cry of "Remember the Alamo" was heard throughout the battle at San Jacinto.

    As a result, the fledgling nation called The Republic of Texas was born ~ independent and sovereign.
    "We must remember that one man is much
    the same as another, and that he is best
    who is trained in the severest school."
    ~Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War

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