What's something cool about your state?

What's something cool about your state?

This is a discussion on What's something cool about your state? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; What's up folks? I just thought it would be cool and educational to hear what different forum members think is cool and unique about their ...

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Thread: What's something cool about your state?

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    What's something cool about your state?

    What's up folks? I just thought it would be cool and educational to hear what different forum members think is cool and unique about their particular state or country. It doesn't have to be shocking or uber-captivating, just what you think is cool. God (yours) made a beautiful earth and we've got a fairly big chunk of it!

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    South West PA
    Haha - problem is which way to take this one!

    Something cool? Well - in mid January I can all but guarantee my front porch is well cool

    Otherwise tho - PA carry is cool as all get out - 30 mins in SO to get the CCW from new or renewed - no crazy beaurocratic delays of weeks or months - no training either is mandated but that is not necessarily a good thing depending how you view it.

    Only two main no-no's for carry - court house and schools - oh and Fed property of course.

    My area in South and West is a joy to the eye - which runs right down thru MD and WV - I bike a lot and readily appreciate my environment. I know too up North of state is also beautiful.

    So - despite the winter blues and cabin fever - I like things a lot - and that will go up a notch if and when PA rationalizes and rules for castle doctrine and stand-your-ground.
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    Making ammo.
    How about 294" of snow last winter at my place? Last snowstorm was St Patrick's Day. We got 36" in two and a half hours. Beat that.

    The UP also has some good motorcycle riding.

    From my homestate, WI, well not much. Bunch of Cheeseheads. But WI is the number one in beer and liquor comsumption per capita in the nation and the number three in wine and number 4 in champagne. We also boast the #1 and #2 party schools in the nation UW Madison and UW Oshkosh. Packer fans also invented the phenomenon know as Tailgaiting (as in eating before games, not the driving habit).
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    Central Oklahoma
    In Oklahoma, I think its cool that we have so many different types of terrain, we have plains, forrests, desert, mountains (tho small), grasslands and lots of hills! And a bunch of lakes and parks, all within a days drive.


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    Rather than cool things about Alabama, I wanted to tell you about a cool thing within 5 miles of my house.

    The Cahaba River.

    The Cahaba is the most icthyologically (refers to the study of fishes) diverse free-flowing river for its size in North America (Mayden ’89)

    The significance and scale of the Cahaba’s biodiversity is nowhere more apparent than in its variety of fish. No other river in North America has more species of fish per mile than the Cahaba River. With 131 different fish species, the river is a world champion of fish diversity. 18 of these fish are found nowhere else outside of the Mobile River Basin.

    At one time, the Cahaba Basin boasted a significant diversity of freshwater mussel species. Historic surveys of the watershed identified 48 different species, a higher diversity than in all Europe (Haddock).





    There are other cool things about Alabama, but none cooler than the Cahaba River. If you look at the links above I think you will agree.

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    In Washington state

    We have...

    3 volcanoes Mt. Rainier Mt. Adams Mt. St. Helens
    a rain forest

    sand dunes
    long coast
    hundred of miles of forest (thus the evergreen state)
    many rugged mountain peaks
    the mighty Columbia river, with many DAMs that power Idaho, Oregon, and many other states
    The birth place of the atomic bomb, Hanford
    birth place of RED HOOK beer
    Space Needle
    Snoqualmie Falls
    the Musuem of Flight
    Many skiing slopes
    San Juan Islands

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    Ahh Missouri where do I start. I can grab my canoe load it in my truck and within 15 minutes be on a creek floating along and catching fish. Winters are mostly mild. Spring and Fall are to die for here. Summer is a little hot and humid for my tastes. We are a shall issue state. The people here are some of the most giving and friendly I have ever seen. I just love this place.
    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
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    You Know You're In Montana

    >If you keep your snow tires on until June.

    >If you've passed thru three or more Indian Reservations.

    >If you are passed when driving 95 mph.

    >If poker and keno machines are the main entertainment.

    >If the high profile criminals are the Unabomber & the Freemen.

    >If you've crossed the Missouri River more than three times.

    >If local TV commercials are comedies or tragedies.

    >If the bumper stickers are about guns, horses or chewing tobacco.

    >If half the license plates and coins are Canadian.

    >If the butt of a joke is spelled Butte.

    >If there's a cheap Charlie Russell print on the wall.

    >If the rodeo is the social event of the year.

    >If you hear North Dakota jokes.

    >If Californians think "Montana is the place ya oughta be."

    >If pasties are in restaurants and not girlie shows.

    >If the pickup trucks all have two rifles and two big dogs.

    >If you'd like to live there!

    When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains,
    And go to your God like a soldier.

    Rudyard Kipling


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    You Know You're From Kansas When...

    You've been hit by enough tornados to know there is no such thing as Oz

    You can properly pronounce Salina, Basehor, Schoenchen, Olathe & Osawatomie

    A shotgun is your idea of instant messaging.

    You learned how to shoot a gun before you learned how to multiply

    You're ready to shoot the next person who asks about Toto & Dorthy

    You've had classes canceled for heat & snow in the same month

    You support the Chiefs through thick and thin.

    You have to travel 20 miles just to go to the nearest mall

    The only tourists you see are on the way to Colorado

    You know the meaning of Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

    Your closest neighbor is more than a mile away, and you can still see him from your front porch.

    The terms Sooners, Huskers and Missouri Tigers cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up straight and your blood pressure to rise.

    You are not surprised to find movie rentals, ammunition and bait all in the same store.

    You know everything goes better with Ranch.

    You know the real way to pronounce the name of Clintons state and the river... arKANSAS.

    You never met any celebrities. (Bob Dole isn't a celebrity, he's your neighbor.)

    You prefer the Little Apple over the Big Apple as a place to live.

    You had at least one summer job that was bucking bails or custom cutting.

    You understand the difference between 3.2 and 6 point, and more than once you've made a beer run to another state.

    You know in your heart that K-State can beat Oklahoma in football.

    You call that smell coming from the feed yards "money."

    You know that Mt. Oread is really only just a hill.

    Down south means Oklahoma.

    You can properly pronounce Basehor, Cimmeron, Schoenchen, Kechi, Chautauqua, Arkalalah, and Osawatomie.

    You really do think Sunflowers are beautiful.

    You went to skating parties as a kid.

    You'll pay for your kids to go to college...unless they want to go to OU or NU.

    Your earliest driving lessons were in a field while picking up hay.

    Your excuse for being late is the cows got out, and the boss accepts it MANY times

    Your main drag in town is two blocks long.

    Beretta 92FS

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    Laurel, MD
    I was going to say "winter", but .............

    I guess it would have to be crabs with Old Bay. It sure isn't our gun laws.

    EOD - Initial success or total failure

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    Cool In Arkansas?

    Well let's see,,, You can fish from any one of the lakes we have here and catch nice size bass and catfish.

    You can go to War eagle and watch the Water wheel ground flour.

    Go to Pea Ridge Battlefield.

    Try to find a Diamond in Murfreesboro. (yep on the ground)

    Go to the Butterfly festivial on top to Mt. Magazine.

    Sit in a pool of hot water in Hot Springs.

    Watch the lightining bugs at night.

    And lots, lots, more.

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    Great Thread Squiggy

    First & Foremost...I Love the Pennsylvania Landscapes & how different the land looks as the seasons change. And I love the Deep Woods in Pa. where it is still possible to enter into vast wooded old growth areas that are so remote that they have probably not seen a human footprint since Native Americans roamed the area.

    Here is an unusual one that relates to 3 States CCW & Alcohol.
    There is a Bar that sits right at the juncture of where the States of Ohio, Pennsylvania, & West Virginia Meet/Touch.
    Try to figure out if you can CCW in there...or not.


    An unusual one for OHIO is called The Spillway.
    I think it's Fish Hatchery where the population of Carp is so numerous that you toss bread in for the fish & so many fish pile up to snatch the bread that the water instantly turns into a solid mass of spastic, thrashing fish...and then DUCKS walk on the fishes backs to get to the bread. Creatively...It's Called:
    The Spillway ~ Where The Ducks Walk On The Fishes Backs. That's Neat!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    One little known place is in Dover, Ohio
    It is called The Warther Museum.
    It is a generations continued family museum run by my friend David Warther.
    I believe that it is closed to the public for right now while David works on building more ships.
    The Warther museum houses an amazing, breathtaking collection of Ivory Ships & locomotive & trains that are SO DETAILED that every single minute detail is included in their construction & all parts move and operate like the real thing.

    The carvings are so unique & highly detailed that The Smithsonian calls them "priceless"


    PLEASE VISIT THE WARTHER MUSEUM SITE...You'll Be Glad That You Did! Click Here.
    Learn About Warther Cutlery & The Most Amazing Button Collection In The World.

    And look closely...Do you know what this picture is?

    It is The Pliers Tree
    511 (that's five hundred and eleven) working pairs of pliers all carved from a single block of wood. The Pliers tree looks like that when all the pliers are open...If all closed back up...The Pliers Tree will revert back to looking like its original block of wood.

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    It is a longer distance from the bottom tip of Texas to the top of the state, than it is from the top of Texas to Canada.
    Proud member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy:

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    Soonerjh covered some of the high points, but there are too many to possibly cover for the Sooner State!

    1. Shall issue carry state.
    2. With a CCW you can have a magazine (not chamber) loaded long gun in your vehicle.
    3. Great college football.
    4. Low cost of living.
    5. 4 actual, distinct and separable seasons.
    6. Widely varying terrain (I apologize for the plagiarism, Soonerjh)
    7. A lot of public hunting land, compared to most places.
    8. A penny-pinching, cheap-ass State legislature (yes, I see it as a good thing, others don't, and they have valid points as well, particularly when it comes to roads and schools)
    9. Neither party controls both the legislative and executive branches (so the State will continue to not be able to do much, which to me, means won't be able to commit mischief)
    10. friendly people.
    11. Lots of rednecks.
    12. Cheap place to do business.
    13. It's not as freakin' cold as other places I've been in the wintertime.
    14. Merle Haggard summed it up nicely in "Okie from Muskogee", although the specifics he sung about in that masterpiece are bit dated
    15. In some places, dogs sleep in the middle of the road.
    16. If you hunt every day during dove season (Sep 1-Oct 30) you witness the seasons change from summer to fall.
    17. Fantastic striper fishing. Great other bass fishing. Great perch (bream) fishing. Good catfishing. Good crappie fishing.
    18. You can even fish for rainbow trout, believe it or not.

    There's more, but I've got work to do.......

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    QK - that wood carving site is fascinating. A visit to Dover OH seems like a great idea!
    Chris - P95
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    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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