Heated Socks?

Heated Socks?

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Thread: Heated Socks?

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    Heated Socks?

    Anyone able to post a link to heated socks you've bought or can vouch for?
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    You use'ta be able to find them at Kmart, back when they sold guns and hunting gear?
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    Slightly Off Topic But, Still Related To Cold Weather Foot Warmth.

    Columbia Bugathermo heated boots are the ultimate but, they sure aren't cheap. Not too many average folks have 300+ smacks to spend on a pair of boots. Maybe you can find a pair on sale someplace on the Internet. On the "low" setting they are good for a solid 8 hours & really you only ever need them set on low....unless it's -40F out.

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    Never found a pair of battery operated ones worth a flip. I was looking for them while doing winter riding. Wound up getting a pair that plugged into the bike.
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    Never owned a pair, but I heard stories of the battery type shocking people when they sweat.

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    I used a pair for a couple of deer seasons, but the battery life was just a few hours... not enough for sitting in a tree stand in New England in winter!
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    I had a pair of battery operated ones, I didn't think much of them. The best I have done is with lightweight wool with rag wool overs with mountaineeringe boots. I wore these back when mountaineering/climbing and rarely had cold feet.
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    They really are not a good idea. They make your feet sweat and wet feet equals cold feet. Stick with the tried and true quality boot and socks.
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    I use the full footbed chemical heat pads for skiing and cold day dog walking. Not the toe warmers, but the full footbed ones. For skiing the boot does not transfer much air, so they stay just slightly warm. For walking, more air circulates as you walk, so I put them under a sheepskin footpad.

    If you use them only a few hours, you can save them in a ziplock bag. For walking I use them several times (usually 2 hours each time). They are about $2 each, we get them in bulk at Sierra Traders.

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    These days, I find the Hot Hands and similar other brands to work pretty well for hunting excursions or any other outdoor activity. They are disposable, do not cost much, and are activated by removing them from the package and exposing them to air. Depending on which type you buy, they will provide heat in the 108°F - 110°F range for 5 - 8 hours. (they do take about 15-20 minutes to warm up to max temp, but they hold that temp a long time.)

    To warm cold feet, the Foot Warm-Up fits comfortably in shoes or boots for up to 6 hours of 110°F of warmth. 2 1/4" x 4". Two per package. Toasti Toes with adhesive stick under your toes and give up to 5 hrs of warmth.

    You can get them on Ebay, Bass Pro, Cabela's, Walmart, and most sporting goods stores.

    I use the Hot Hands hand warmers many times. I stick one in each coat pocket and have even slid them inside my gloves. I've used the Toasti Toes just once before and was pretty impressed for what they are. I've never used electric socks before so I can't compare, but I've never heard much good about the electric socks in the past.

    They have about a 4 - 5 years shelf life IIRC so you can buy them by the box and safe a few bucks, but most people seem to just buy 5 or 6 at a time at Walmart when they need them. I know several people who are using them. They even sell them at our local gas station/convenience store.
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