The Military in the Philippines decided at the last moment to not tape over the muzzles of their firearms for the New Years holidays, like the Philippine National Police decided to do.

Armed Forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Jose Mabanta Jr. said the military is "confident our soldiers are disciplined enough to not to fire their guns into the air during the celebrations."

“We believe in the discipline of our officers and enlisted personnel,” he said.

However, Mabanta said it does not mean that policemen cannot discipline themselves.

“I’m not saying the sealing of firearms with tape by the Philippine National Police says something negative about them,” he said.

“That is their own system. In the Armed Forces, we don’t need to institute such measures. We leave it to commanders in the field to discipline (their men).”

Mabanta stated that any soldiers caught engaging in such activities would risk demotion, and even dismissal from the Armed Forces. He then provided a national hotline phone number for people to report anyone firing a gun during the News Years celebrations: 0919-2467995

So apparently the military in the Philippines is more disciplined than their police force.

Here is a link to my previous report about the Philippine National Police placing tape over the barrels of all of their guns for the New Years, in order to block the illegal firing of guns into the air by policemen: