Why I don't use Facebook

Why I don't use Facebook

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Thread: Why I don't use Facebook

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    Why I don't use Facebook

    Yet another one from Facebook, I honestly don't know why people continue to use this service.

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    I use it, I used to be TOTALLY against it....all of it. But now that I do use it, I can keep up with firends in different parts of the state/s, keep up with family members in different parts of the state/s on one page, one source, instead of bunch of emails, phone calls.

    I use the basic form of it... I use none of the "extra" features such as the apps, stupid games, and dumb polls about what gun best describes me, or other crap. I don't put my address, I don't put my email, phone numbers.

    I have everything set to private...which actually works. But alot of people make everything public as to fuel the "hey look at me I'm an individual" complex that I see all to often on these sites...I couldn't care less.

    I don't twitter...myspace or anything else..I have absolute no reason to blog.......

    Some people use it all, every possible second to push and show thier alter ego, political stance, what they are doing every freakn' second etc.etc. Hoard as many "firends" as possible, just to lift thier self confidence and other wierd ego issues and be attention whores. Those are the ones who suffer from the "dark side" of social networking.

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    I come from the data warehousing industry. Having designed and maintained large data collection and storage systems for many large orgs (including those that hold your credit info), there is NO WAY that I'd ever put my private data into a Facebook account. A good hacker doesn't care about the Facebook (which btw, is just an application) security, they'll go after the underlying database. Regardless of the front-end app, the back-end database is likely either SQLServer, DB/2, Oracle (or some other publicly available technology) and they are maintained by humans. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to access this stuff.
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    Maybe just because it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, I stay away from both Facebook and Twitter. I have absolutely no idea what either of them are for, and I figure the less I put out (this board being an exception along with one I moderate) about myself, the better.

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    Nothing wrong with using them, just use discretion. Anything you put on the internet anywhere you really ought to consider public forever. Don't llist your addresses, and phone numbers and personal info and there won't be many issues.

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    Facebook. thanks, but NO thanks!
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    The only way I know waht my kids are doing is to stalk them on Facebook.
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    Just put a deposit down on a brand new Porsche and mentioned it on Facebook. I said, "I can't wait for the new 911 to arrive!" Next thing I know 4000 Muslims have added me as a friend!!
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    I use it, but they way I use it has changed a lot since I was 18. Not much personal or contact information. Not many pictures of me. And a while back I went through and whittled down my friends list, keeping only those I want to remain in contact with. I think if used properly, it has benefits. It was nice on deployments to be able to stay in touch with a large number of people across the globe. Its like most things, it has the potential for misuse, you just have to be smart about it.
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    Its amazing what people will post on FB. I found out one of my ex was cheating it.

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    Social networking and Web 2.0 functionality is changing the nature of American society. It is important to understand the various tools that are being used on the Internet and how they interact with Web browsers and cellphones.

    It is not necessary to use those tools, and, if you do use them, you have a great deal of discretion regarding how you elect to interact with them.

    But in very general terms, taking a "I ain't going to do nuthin' with no new-fangled gizmos!" kind of attitude is the surest route to being roadkill. Our hyper-technological society is very unforgiving to the neo-Luddite.

    Am I being clear here? Nobody says you have to Facebook, Twitter, or use Linked-in. You don't have to Reddit, Stumbleupon, or Digg. You don't have to text, or e-mail, or participate in online forums. But you should know what these things are and understand what benefits (and risks) they confer.

    In the case of Facebook, I'm a fairly late adopter because I consider it to be an unhygienic platform - it tends to collect and divulge too much information about the user. So it's important to be judicious in how you use it and you should deploy the privacy settings it offers to your advantage.

    Twitter is an amazing tool and one well worth using. The trick there is to only "follow" high-quality data streams. In my case, I follow about 30 futurists, technology experts, linguists, philosophers, and authors. In this way I'm regularly kept up to speed on developments in my field.

    Some of the younger people in my family and circle of acquaintances can only be reached via texting. They simply will not speak on the phone nor will they respond to e-mail (the latter now being considered the exclusive domain of "old people").

    Sure, it's a kind of selfish luxury to say that you refuse to do X or Y, and that you'll never do this or that, because you think it's "stupid" or whatever. In my field, we consider this to be a kind of cultural event horizon, and those who slip beyond it are permanently left behind. And that's why people over 50 complain that they can't find work.

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    I use FB, like aforementioned, I have the security settings to the upmost maximum, and have recently deleted mass numbers of people I felt inappropriate to have as "friends". I also donot have my phone #, or address posted, and don't use the "apps" (or like them.) .

    There is alot of things I DONOT like about FB.

    Shockwave-Great post! I don't like Twittter personally, but I agree that its annoying when one person can only be reached one way,and another a different way.

    I will admit though--Texting is the BEST way to reach me, I will call if needed, and return calls/emails as needed (and the use of a smartphone really helped expand this, as anytime I get an email it immediately notifies me.) ...I also have a hectic schedule, I recently became a full-time student, my wife is one, and I have an infant child,..so I have a good excuse to forget to call back

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    They have my name and a free email address.... my birthday is fake and they have nothing else.

    I use facebook only to get upcoming events. Most times friends and family post birthday parties and such on there so I know when they are. It syncs to my phone through a stock app that came with it so It's pretty convenient.... and pretty safe.
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    I like FB I keep up with a lot of "casual friends" on there. Also useful chatting tool, when I don't want to be on the phone or texting. Contrary to what cell phone makers want you to believe, it's still easier to type on a real keybaord! lol

    I post pictures. Sure why not. I have always had a rather public job, and we are on cameras wherever we go. I'm not all that concerned about normal photos being online. I even post my cell number, set to "friends only" - quite simply if I don't want to talk to someone who gets my number, I just won't answer them. Hasn't happened yet. In facts, a few friends have lost their entire cell phone contacts (losing or killing their phone) and have used FB to get some of their friends' numbers' back when they got a new phone. That kind of use doesn't bother me none at all.
    I am quite aware of how much info can be gleened from FB, as I've done it to other people. Note even if you don't share very much info, if your spouse or child does....something to think about I guess.

    However, it doesn't seem to matter what you share or do not share on FB. If you search me on Spokeo (or however you spell that) it will tell you my address (that I do not share on FB) and even the square footage and cost of my house! I realize my addy is connected to my landline phone so it's in the phone book, but I'm not even sure how that housing information came online. I certainly never posted it. Quite frankly, even if you don't post stuff on FB it still ends up on other search engines, so you might as well enjoy the good sides of FB.
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    A friend of mine emailed me to check out facebook He had posted some old pics of us on when I was still in the elevator trade. By the time I filled out the application my ex FA girlfriend had pinged me to be a friend or something I didn't even get to the pictures and I backed out of the app and thats been it. With hackers and the Fatal attraction GF no thanks not to mention the companies that check F/B to see who they have working for them or plan to hire. I'm sure it's a great way to stay in touch for some, just not me.
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