Be careful on FaceBook, or, what is with this moron?

Be careful on FaceBook, or, what is with this moron?

This is a discussion on Be careful on FaceBook, or, what is with this moron? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I have a facebook page. I use it to keep in touch with friends and relatives from across the country. But, I have learned a ...

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Thread: Be careful on FaceBook, or, what is with this moron?

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    Be careful on FaceBook, or, what is with this moron?

    I have a facebook page. I use it to keep in touch with friends and relatives from across the country. But, I have learned a valuable lesson about how to deal with morons, specifically a person who describes himself as "very Liberal" on there.

    After the shooting in Arizona I had a rather passionate back and forth with this moron before deleting him from my friends list because I just didn't want to deal with his BS anymore.

    3 days later, I get called into the office to talk to the boss. Turns out this guy has tracked down his (my boss) email address and sent him an email telling him that he believed I was mentally unstable and could pose a danger to my co-workers!

    Now, my boss knows me, and he told me that he knows I am not a danger to anyone. he let me read the email when I immediately spit this idiots name out. It surprised my boss that I knew right away who would have sent the email. When I explained the whole situation he understood what had happened.

    I have been thinking now too, if this lib-tard went to the trouble to track down the email address of my boss and send the email that I believe was intended to either get me fired or at least put my employment in some kind of jeopardy, might he have sent the same kind of "concerned" email to some law enforcement agency? Might my next gun purchase be denied because I am on some list now? And if so, how do I get that reversed?

    What kind of world is it now where you can't even tell someone they are full of crap without worrying that they might try to ruin your life? I wonder if I might have some legal recourse against this idiot.
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    I am speechless. I'm glad you unfriended the jerk. What a loser. I use FB too - but I have a very short list of friends, and fully intend to keep it short. I also prevent any information from being presented to the public, and have some savvy geeks keep my profile controls tweaked.

    I would consider advising the lib-tard to cease and desist or he'll need to retain an attorney. Nicely, but firmly, and without argument. "Just the facts..........."
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    I dont discuss life on there with anybody to any real depth. I mainly use it to keep up or in the lingo.."stalk". I read what people are up to then get off there, I rarely post my beliefs. I see why you would worry. Sounds like he is unstable.
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    As someone that has been had friends cyberstalked to this degree this is not the last you have heard of him. I would keep records of all his actions and get intouch with an lawyer right now. He will be back, and he is not to be taken lightly. If you know what he looks like I would keep an eye out for him in public as well, this sounds like its only going to get worse.
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    I am Facebook free. I don't have these kind of problems.
    It follows along the lines of something I have always held close:
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    Libs are crybabies and crybabies always tattle to the Principal. I'm surprised that this knucklehead went through that trouble as well.

    I'm glad I don't do Facebook anymore, it's just not worth it.
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    I have had a few run ins with social media. I now practice the facebook grey man approach.
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    First. Contact Sixto and get him to write a report, just to get it on paper.

    Seriously though. Was the email account a work email? This game can be played both ways. Was he taking care of personal business on company time? I would want a copy of it for myself. If something else happens I would look into legal options.

    And we are the unstable ones, shees.
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    I just feed my Happy Aquarium fishes on Facebook.

    I will discuss light politics on facebook with some people, but very light. I never discuss gun related topics.

    I can say that I am only mildly surprised this guy would go to the extent he did in sending your boss an email. But when I get right down to it, I'm not really surprised at all. That's pretty much how the "liber-tards" as you say, act about everyone who disagrees with them. They lash out and try to hurt their opponent and discredit them because they can not argue or debate their position when faced with facts. I'm sorry but I believe that based on the preponderance of the evidence I've seen.

    What is the very first thing they did following the AZ shooting? The very first thing. Try to blame right wing talk show hosts and tea party. No facts, no nothing. In fact, the gun was still smoking when they started their B.S. mantra straight out of the liber-tard playbook. Why? Because the tea party and right wing talk show is hurting their agenda. They can't produce facts so they lash out. They were much more effective at their destructive agenda when the country was asleep. Now everyone is awake and getting involved, and they don't like it! Again, just my opinion.

    So, no, I'm not really surprised this guy sent an email to your boss trying to paint you as a dangerous whack-o.

    Bottom line... Beware who you engage in a debate with on facebook or in any other social networking site, for that matter.
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    I use Facebook exhaustively, but I do keep a short list of friends, I only accept people I know closely and my privacy settings are very stringent. Facebook can either be a fantastic tool for communication with friends and family, or it can cause you a lot of problems if you are not careful. It can be used for sexual harrassment, kidnappings, stalking or worse...therefore, if anyone here has a Facebook profile I recommend you review your list of friends and delete all those you don't know closely and tune up your privacy settings and hide any delicate information you might not want disclosed (phone numbers, address, email, work, etc.).
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    Retain an attorney and take your new friend to school on libel laws.

    As for facebook, I use it but I have my privacy preferences very tight - anything that is an option is restricted to "friends only". You have to keep an eye on it, though because Facebook's default when they introduce a new feature is to default to everyone can view.

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    I don't know if it would do any good but, did you try and report this to FaceBook? Maybe even have your boss report it also.

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    Like others I only use the Facebook thing rarely. I don't engage in any talk with online Libs about firearms etc, you cannot and never will win an arguement with one. I know it is tempting, but it is just about as useful as an empty revolver cylinder.

    Once these left-wing wackos get convinced they are correct and you are wrong, then the best thing is to simply walk away and not engage them anymore. They only serve to cause trouble because that is all they have left.

    Hope your situation with this one doesn't get any worse.
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    Why would you friend any and everyone? I think it's retarded that people want to have the highest number of friends when it means nothing. This is what happens to people who confirm friends with every single person they can. I'm glad you didn't get fired but lesson learned.

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