It doesn't get better than.......

It doesn't get better than.......

This is a discussion on It doesn't get better than....... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I think this is pretty nice. I'd love to see it in person, but the picture is way cool. Credit goes to Wild Things Photography...

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Thread: It doesn't get better than.......

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    It doesn't get better than.......

    I think this is pretty nice. I'd love to see it in person, but the picture is way cool.

    Credit goes to Wild Things Photography
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    Yes, talk about being in the right place at the right time! Nice picture.


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    Beautiful Photograph

    Rare Frozen Moment In Time! Amazing Pic.
    Thanks For Posting It!

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    Great pic. Perfect timing and setup.
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    Most excellent ...

    When i was up north in may the bald eagles were picking fish out of the lake all i have was the old ladys point and shoot digi so i couldn't get any pics i wasn't a happy camper

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    Exellent picture.

    Reminds of the time I was driving to work and saw an Eagle latch on to a large Gar, probably a 3 footer. He struggled and it about sunk him. He finally had to let go as his feet were getting wet. That eagle literally grabbed more than he could eat.
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    Picture in a thousand that is - one of those that is more than memorable. Love it.

    Beautiful, beautiful bird, and needless to say, the association of such is more gratifying
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    Beautiful picture, but I am also one of the lucky ones who's seen it in person. Come on up Idaho and I'll show ya.
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    nice, my kids got to see a eagle grab a fish , but I have yet to see it. I am waiting to see the eagle grab a duck off the water though.
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    Great photo! I'll never forget the first time I saw an Eagle up close - I had not realized how big they are. Now I can picture what Elmer Keith wrote about with eagles picking up baby sheep. The one I saw up over our truck -- I figured it could give our truck quite a fight!

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    that is an awe inspiring pic.....
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    There should only be pride in the fact that this majestic bird represents the USA.

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    I'm glad it's our national symbol. Only time Ben Franklin was wrong was on this very thing.......He wanted the national bird to be the turkey!

    On a side note, we just started seeing them near our home in Virginia. They are still rare to see here, but I'm glad to see them.
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