Hmm food for thought. For one livestock is property, you own it, you sell it, you charge kids to ride them around in a circle at the zoo. If a cougar is attacking your cow, kill the cougar. If a human is attacking the cow, charge him by the pound for the whole cow.

Now if a crazy guy breakes into your house with a knife and comes at you, and you run into your bedroom to grab your xd, and he follows you, there is no question that he is a threat. Now i can see were it might get fuzzy if you run into your bedroom and come back out to shoot him as he is trying to fit your tv out the window. He's no longer a threat. But the idea that your life is pretty much forfeit the second you take a step back doesn't sound right.
If a bg is coming at me with a knife, there is no way i'm going to just stand there. I'm gonna run like hell. If he follows me he had better kill me before i get to a gun. Screw the laws if you die obeying them.
As has been said before(alot) "Better to be judged by twelve than buried by six" (Is that right? it sounds off a bit)

Good thing about this thrad is that it has inspired me to go look up the laws in this whiny little state of ours.

P.S. Anyone have a basketball team for sale? We seem to have sold ours.