I replied to a CraigsList focus group ad. Normally these are legit, but I got this back. Oh ya, sounds good to me.

Dear Applicant

Thank you for your recent online application on Craigslist to join our Focus Groups. We appreciate your quick response as it reflects a good sense of responsibility and efficiency. The position you applied for is already occupied, but we have another survey that pays the same $300 Per survey. Only few candidates are required for this survey, so kindly go through the information below and get back to us if you are interested.

We are a result-oriented Development and Management Consulting firm involved in helping Companies to achieve market leadership and Improve connections between professional service firms and their client organization. Our company is currently conducting a survey on MoneyGram Outlets to help measure and improve the effectiveness of the services they provide.This is as a result of complaints from some reliable customers about their unprofessional approach to work in most Money Gram centers.

The survey involves you patronizing a MoneyGram Outlet in your area as a customer and give us a feedback on your overall customer experience by filling a simple online questionnaire. Each survey takes a maximum of 30 Minutes to complete and you'll be paid $300 for every survey completed, No Sales Involved and this will not inconvenient your present job.

If you are interested to participate in this survey, please send us a reply with your information in the following order

Full Name :
Mailing Address :
State :
Zip Code:
Phone Number :
Email address :
Current occupation :
Age :

Your faithfully,
Gert Robinson
Research Coordinator
GroupNet Survey Team