Shuttle Landing

Shuttle Landing

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Thread: Shuttle Landing

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    Shuttle Landing

    Congratulations to the Shuttle crew.
    I got to hear the sonic boom as the shuttle landed.
    Cool Stuff........................
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    yeah it's cool.
    When I lived in Cali, I lived about 50 miles from Edwards AFB. We were in a dead run to get in the area to try to see the shuttle as it was approaching to land, and we got lucky. Its just so amazing....
    On a sad note...I was going to NavVet school in Orlando in 1986. Coming back from the chow hall. We noticed everyone looking in one general diresction. I turned my head in time to see the shuttle lifting off and a few seconds later witnessing the national tragedy that fell on the shuttle Columbia and crew. God bless'em....

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    Watched that on the TV earlier - fascinating watching the nose cam picture. Boy does that thing have a rate of decent!

    Great relief to see it down safe and sound.
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    Chris, I've seen somewhere that the angle of decent is between eighteen and twenty-two degrees. Compare that to the larger airliners that have a normal landing glide path of about three degrees.

    It's still a great site every time they return to earth safely.
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    Another return flight done right. Congratulations to the crew, NASA and to the American people who funded the whole operation.

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    Talk about yer dead stickin'. One shot,one try,no go arounds = pucker factor of 10+. ----------

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    Saw it on the way out the door, Good timing, It was cool, i wish i would have seen the lift off.

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