4 and 6 year old steal my daughter's Barbie Jeep

4 and 6 year old steal my daughter's Barbie Jeep

This is a discussion on 4 and 6 year old steal my daughter's Barbie Jeep within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I was at home late one night after work,around midnight,my wife had already gone to bed and I had all the lights off but the ...

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Thread: 4 and 6 year old steal my daughter's Barbie Jeep

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    4 and 6 year old steal my daughter's Barbie Jeep

    I was at home late one night after work,around midnight,my wife had already gone to bed and I had all the lights off but the small desk lamp on the copmuter desk where I was on the computer surfin' the net.I hear a very loud,solid konck at my back door,I wonder "who inthe heck...?" so I swing open the back door and here is a LEO holding 2 kids (brothers),one in each hand one is 4 the other is 6. He says "is this yours?" glancing at my daughter's battery operated pink barbie jeep. I said yes. The officer said he was on patrol and caught the 2 kids pushing the jeep down the middle of the street about 3 blocks away, the 4 year old was driving and the six year old was pushing. The officer says to the 2 kids "He could put you two in jail if he wanted to." so I said I'd let it slide THIS time but next time its gonna be bad.I figured the officer making them push the jeep the 3 blocks back to my house was punishment enough. Officer asks the two kids where they live,"over there" the older would said pointing to an apartment complex. They begin walking toward where the older brother pointed and I heard the officer say "We're going to have a talk with your mom about this." Sorry to say I didnt make the court date,but just wondered if they were charged with fleeing,evading arrest and grand theft auto etc.

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    What in the heck are young kids like that doing out at midnight? The parents ought to go to jail...oh wait, they were probably busy with the meth pipe.
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    Not quite the same thing, but several years ago, I was playing golf at a course where one of the greens was close to a low income apartment complex. As we walked off the green, I noticed several kids playing. One was in a pedal or battery operated car and was driving past the other kids in front of an apartment shooting at them with a toy gun. I pointed it out to the others in my foursome and said" " look, they are playing "Drive-by shooting".

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    Your lucky they couldn't get it hot wired!
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    Those two are off to a bad start.

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    Glad the officer found them before they got run over. Midnight...pushing a toy car...down the middle of the street?!

    Yup...hope Officer Friendly had a nice, long talk with the kids parent(s).
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    And their parents were where? I know when I was 6yo I couldn't even walk to the bathroom without one of my parents waking up.
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    Somehow I bet the parents have already forgotten about the talk from the officer.
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    I have found that with some kids it is possible to see from a very early age that they have jail time in their future. It's sad but, I can usually pick them out. My wife is amazed by this seemingly genetic ability I have and has seen my predictions come true over and over again.

    The latest couple are my Niece and Nephew. He will for sure be making a stay at the gray bar hotel and as for her? Well, I hate to say it but, at 15 she already has that "stripper" feel about her you know what I mean? She has the hair, the attitude, the way she carriers herself. It makes me sad to see her because she was such a sweet little girl and now, I can just tell what she is gravitating toward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftofMars View Post
    Somehow I bet the parents have already forgotten about the talk from the officer.
    Sad, but I bet you are right.

    I hope nobody here thinks the talk with either the kids or parents did any good...it didn't/won't. Heck, our government sanctions taking from the "haves" and giving to the "Have-nots"/lazies through taxes....legalized theft, so in a way, they probably felt "entitled" to the Jeep.

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    Parent(s) probably chewed them out for getting caught trying to rip off the jeep,
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    Parent(s) probably chewed them out for getting caught trying to rip off the jeep,
    Just what i was thinking.
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    I have long believed that many K to 5 teachers can reliably predict the criminal futures of the kids. I don't think this has ever been tested, but it is how I feel about it. In this instance you have parents who didn't care enough to keep their kids home at midnight, and kids who were willing to steal even though the 4 year old certainly is too young to really know better.

    I feel sorry for those two children, because ADULTS, the ones they live with, are doing a very very bad job of parenting and the kids will pay dearly in a few years.

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    No, it went like this:

    "Ma'am, are these your children?"
    "I found them pushing a stolen toy car down the street. It's midnight."
    "They would have never done something like that, you dirty cop liar."
    "I have a dash cam recording of the traffic stop, ma'am."
    "You just making stuff up about my honor roll students who love puppies and kittens and help little old ladies across the street. You should be ashamed of how you're out to get poor, minority kids."
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    Gone in 60 seconds......

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