Do you wear shoes inside your home?

Do you wear shoes inside your home?

This is a discussion on Do you wear shoes inside your home? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just a quick poll. I do not. I was raised this way. But that's not why. I think it makes sense. Keep the outside stuff ...

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  • Yes, I wear my shoes inside my home regularly

    51 29.14%
  • Yes, but I switch to a "house" pair (or into slippers, etc)

    50 28.57%
  • No.

    63 36.00%
  • I exist as pure energy

    4 2.29%
  • I got lost, found a poll, and just wanted to vote on it

    7 4.00%
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Thread: Do you wear shoes inside your home?

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    Do you wear shoes inside your home?

    Just a quick poll. I do not. I was raised this way. But that's not why. I think it makes sense. Keep the outside stuff on the outside. You collect a lot of outside nasty on those shoes and it makes sense to keep it from getting on the inside. Also, it keeps the carpet from wearing out as quickly.

    To be honest, wearing shoes inside the house feels very weird for me.

    Not sure if I captured the options ... I might've missed something. whoops, meant to delete the "pure energy" one. can't edit the poll.

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    Nope.. lots of nasties out there that I want to keep out there.. namely dirt... it just keeps me from having to wash the floor every five minutes. I do wear a pair of house shoes into the basement on occasion and I am currently search for a good pair of sheep skin slippers for those COLD days in the kitchen.

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    I get dressed in the morning and shoes are just part of getting dressed. I have a dog that needs walking a couple times a day, so I just put them on in the morning.
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    I am currently searching for a good pair of sheep skin slippers for those COLD days in the kitchen.
    Look here:

    Focus on the "Wicked Good" line - I love the men's Wicked Good Clogs (available in women's too):

    I love the clogs..........

    We try to switch, but it gets hard............
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    No we don't. Like Lima, I am not interested in tracking dirt, dog poop, people spit and any amount of other stuff I may walk through during the day into the house and onto the carpet my kinds routinely play on.
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    I hate shoes. I have serious Michael Fronte envy, he's been shoeless ten years. If I ever hit the lottery, I will ride my Harley barefoot from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Sadly, I have very tender feet, so I have a pair of boat shoes by the front door that I can slip on to go outside.
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    I don't really exist as pure energy, but how could I pass it up? I wear shoes indoors sometimes but not all the time.
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    I didn't when I lived at home and we had a wood stove. I was barefoot most of the time back in the day.
    I do now, because our floors are cold.

    As for dirt being tracked inside, it's impossible to battle with 2 dogs (my dogs may be smart, but they never got the "wipe your paws" command down....) We're just tough here when it comes to dirt and animal poo. I prewashed all the dishes last night; there's a crock pot on the back porch and a casserole dish in the kitchen floor. Some of my chickens are currently eating out of the meatloaf pan.
    Just wash the uh, "dirt" out of the sink before you finish the dishes. Dog hair is on the menu.
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    We have wood floors and any dirt that occasionally get's in sweeps up easily. And we have a cat so we're always sweeping. So I don't have any qualms about wearing shoes in the house. Other than the fact that like ICTSnub - I just hate wearing shoes.

    This time of year slippers are the usual attire at home.
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    I wear my boots until I settle for the evening. When I put on my shorts, I put on my sandals.

    I'm going to my girlfriend's parents' house in Germany at the end of the month. She keeps reminding me that I have to check my boots at the door there. I'm having to check everything before this trip, my gun, my regular pocket knife, my boots. It's against the rules to "do #1" while standing in their house, so I guess I'm checking my pride too. I wonder what else I'm going to have to check.
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    Shoes at work...sandals everywhere else!
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    I'll say yes I do, but not typically in the winter. I am constantly in and out all day, so when my shoes go on in the morning they stay on until bedtime. Typically sneakers or boat shoes during the warmer months. The exception is during the winter when my EDS (every day shoe) is a pair of insulated Muck boots. I step into them on the way outside and use my feet to pull them off when back inside so the snow stays in the mud room. Very handy and very warm. In the winter I usually don't step into another shoe when back inside, but sometimes I'll slide my boat shoes on.
    I probably have six pair of various boots and shoes by the back door, but if something went down I'd be hoping one was on my feet.

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    My wife would beat me if I wore my shoes in the house. ;)

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    Big plus on llbean wicked slippers.

    Question: If you go without shoes both inside & outside, don't you track in the outside on the bare feet?
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    I don't pay a whole lot of attention to it honestly. I typically leave my boots on after work because as soon as I take them off my wife will want to go out for dinner. When I go out in civies, I typically wear the Vibram FiveFinger shoes.
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