I was just reviewing the new proposed EMS regulations. The prohibition against firearms is indeed still "struck" as it stands now, pending further review at the next step in the process, the "regulatory town hall."

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Further info:

Health Commissioner approves EMS Regulations - Process continues until signed by Governor

Health Commissioner approves EMS Regulations - Process continues until signed by Governor
Virginia Health Commissioner Karen Remley, MD has approved a final draft of the revised Virginia EMS regulations. This starts the next phase of the regulatory process that will eventually end with approval by the Governor.
In the meantime, the regulations will transit the Department of Planning and Budget and will be posted on the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall for additional public input. Significant public input could still derail individual parts of the regulations.
The final draft is currently posted on the Virginia Office of EMS website athttp://www.vdh.state.va.us/OEMS/Files_page/regulation/2011FinalDraftEMSRegs021511.pdf.
Revisions to EMS regulations have been in the making since the last set of regulations was approved in 2003. A committee of the Virginia EMS Advisory Board frequently met since 2003 and with EMS system input continues to suggest changes to the Office of EMS. The official revision of the 2003 regulations officially kicked off in 2007 with a "Notice of Intended Regulatory Action" and has since moved slowly through the regulatory process. A series of public hearings was held in early 2010. Final revisions and inclusion of regulations supporting new EMS education standards have been included since that time.
Approval of final draft regulations by the Board of Health, in this case by the Commissioner on behalf of the Board, marks the beginning of the end of the process. However, the time until final approval by the Governor is unknown and could be many months. In this case, Governor McDonnell has generally indicated he is not acting on regulatory changes unless their approval is urgent and of life and safety concern.

As of today they have not yet been posted to the Regulatory Town Hall:
Virginia Regulatory Town Hall - Public comment forums

The section being officially struck, which was invalidated shortly after it was born after an inquiry and complaint from VCDL:

Possession of a firearm, weapon, or explosive or incendiary device on any EMS
vehicle is prohibited, except:
a. A sworn law-enforcement officer authorized to carry a concealed weapon pursuant
to § 18.2-308 of the Code of Virginia.
b. Any rescue line gun or other rescue device powered by an explosive charge
carried on a nontransport response vehicle.
Note this section could have been used to prevent many EMS required items, like scissors, rescue knives, etc.