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Thread: Fears

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    Everyone no matter how strong or prepared they are, is terrified of one or more things in this world. It does not matter who they are, what they do, how smart they are or how long they have been on earth, there is one thing that each of us will not mess with. Mine is heights and snakes. I am even so afraid of heights that being in the middle of a high rise building over 5 stories freaks me out. I will swear to anyone listening that I can feel the building moving with the wind blowing outside, especially in sky scrapers. If the building is a large building such as a hospital I am ok, but when the building is much taller than it is wide I am not a happy camper. Snakes and I have a love hate relationship. I love nothing more than to avoid them at all costs and I hate having one anywhere near me. It can be a garter snake or a rattlesnake, does not matter. If you bring a tiny little rat snake near me, you will see a 270 pound 5'11 blur running the opposite direction the snake is coming from or sitting in. Now that you know mine, I am curious to know what all of you are still petrified of, even with all the training and work you put in to be safe and secure in your daily lives. I think it is interesting to find out what people are afraid of because it actually tells you a great deal about someone's personality. Nothing useful about them, just little things that help you know them better. If you feel better not sharing thats fine too, definatley would not want anyone feeling uncomfortable. That being said I have asked the moderators to keep a close eye on this thread because it is of a somewhat personal nature and I would like to avoid hurt feelings.
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    Walking in complete darkness without any artificial light source; have a fear of falling in a hole that never ends. It's baby steps for me.

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    Running out of ammo and really needing it.
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    We all have our "fear" factor, it's a genetic thing that helps us to survive a cruel and unusual world. If we had no fear, most of us would not live to be as old as we are.

    I used to fear dying but over time and with the help of my Christian faith, have learned to deal with my own mortality quite well.

    Some folks do have phobias about certain things that others will not even bat an eyelash towards. The key is getting a handle on what makes you afraid and then trying to overcome it.
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    I'm not of afraid of heights. It's when the plane or helicopter I'm in breaks down in mid flight. That's what scares the outta me.

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    Spiders here, too. Big time... No idea why.

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    Bees and Wasps-makes me run away screaming. Ever since I was a little kid.
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    Contstantly updating my bug out bag and hunting bag for fear of not being ready for (something) and never knowing if (something) will ever happen. Also the whole running out of ammo thing bothers me to.
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    I fear outliving my daughter, or maybe not fufilling my purpose in life. I do however, have alot of concerns.
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    There are fears which are based in a certain amount of reality-- e.g., the concern in post 11 is a natural human concern. Fear of snakes and spiders is almost certainly something that has come to us through evolution as these things are truly sometimes life threatening. Fearing a real threat, a poisonous snake bite, isn't a phobia.

    There are other fears which are not especially rational. Fear of flying, fear of public speaking, inability to use a public restroom, inability to cross a bridge or make a left turn in traffic.

    Everyone has to make an individual personal decision about whether or not their fear is rational, and whether or not it interferes with their lives. The OP's concern about sky-scraper buildings is not rational. It is exceedingly unusual, if it even ever happens at all, that a tall building will collapse simply from wind. Having established that the fear is not rational, the next question is does it interfere with your life sufficiently that you need to seek treatment. That might depend entirely on what your routine and your profession happen to be. If I had that particular fear it would not affect me in the least. There are no sky-scrapers where I live. So big deal. If I lived in NYC, that fear would be a biggie if it kept me from taking certain jobs, attending certain meetings, doing certain shopping.

    Everyone has some irrational fears but that is OK, its the ones which interfere with our lives which are concerning.

    Some people are so ashamed of their phobias that they are unable to bring themselves to tell a doc about it. The answer in these instances is first, courage, and sometimes finding a support group, perhaps on-line.

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    As some have described, my fears change as I get older. I honestly no longer fear things that could hurt or kill me (I'm not stupid about it, but I'd call it more of an analytical concern than fear though). Like many of us, I've already had various critters (reptilian, fish, fur-bearing, 2-legged, etc.. try to kill me, so the 'unknown' fear factor for personal attacks just isn't there anymore).

    I do fear outliving my son. I do fear my selfish nature. As Gman stated, I think my greatest fear is not fulfulling my intended purpose in life.
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    I don't really have any phobias. I don't like being on a ladder and I'm a little afraid of heights, but it has to be really high and not very stable. Tree stands and tall buildings don't bother me.

    What I truly am afraid of is something really bad happening to one of my kids. I've had bad dreams about my son getting mangled or killed and it shakes me up pretty good. I have to put those thoughts away in a dark corner of my brain or I would lose it.
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    Snakes and spiders don't bother me. If I see them I can avoid them, and without them we would be over run with rodents and harmful insects. What really gets me are wasps and hornets. Of course this might have something to do with me being stung multiple times when I reached into a bush to retrieve a ball and disturbing a nest when I was a kid. Those other things , the spiders and snakes don't fly and chase you.

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