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Thread: Forced Chemotherapy

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    Interesting story.

    Seeing as I am undergoing radiation therapy for Hodgkins Lymphoma myself right now, I can shed a little light:

    If chemo is being recommended, it's because he is classified as either stage two or stage three. I am being given 40 radiation treatments because I was classified as stage one. That means that the cancerous lymph nodes are all in one area, and that no other serious symptoms like nightsweats, extreme fatigue and weight loss were present when the diagnosis was made.

    Stage two probably means that cancerous lymph nodes were found in more than one area and that some of the other symptoms I mentioned above were present. Stage three means that there are cancerous lymph nodes both above and below the diaphragm, plus the other symptoms.

    A lady my wife and I know here in our small town was diagnosed as stage two just a few weeks before I was diagnosed. That meant chemo and she is getting hit pretty hard by it. After visiting with her, I'm so thankful that I only have to undergo radiation. It has it's own set of side effects and now that I am in week three, I am feeling just about every one of them... but it's still not as bad as chemo.

    Stage one has a 95 % cure rate, Stage two has a 90% cure rate. If I were the boys parents in the story that prompted this thread, I would encourage him to take the treatments.... but, it appears that there might be religious issues involved and those need to be respected as well.

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    The question becomes where will we draw the line? How much harm would we let parents do to a child before allowing the courts to intervene. At a certain point this kind of thing stops being parents making stupid choices for their kids (like not taking chemo or raising them to be socialists) and into the realm of child endangerment/abuse. These are unpleasant questions with often unpleasant answers.

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    This is what I posted on my blog

    There is this kid that has cancer, and he's refusing to go back to chemotherapy. But there is a judge that knows better than this kid and his family so he ordered that the kid be forced to take chemotherapy. While the judge has recended the order, according to Drudge.

    His family and him want to continue an alternative cure. Personally, I wouldn't go for either. Where most people hate lawyers, my disgust is saved for doctors. I have dated a few nurses and we discussed "medical ethics." It turns out there is no such thing. Also, you have to factor in the suffering that a person goes through with chemotherapy, if it doesn't work I would try something else.

    But the fact that the judge thinks that he knows better than the parents and what the kid wants is really stestemic of a bigger problem where the judiciary of this country is trying to set itself up as a oligarchy.
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    This is one messed up situation!...I am sure it will be reversed due to public outcry...imagine if this poor person was forced to go along with the order and died as a result??? I am a firm believer that this should solely be the decision of the sick individual....and backed up by the courts ESPECIALLY when the family is in their corner.

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    First off, his first name is actually "Starchild" (Abraham is his middle name). That should be a tipoff to the situation. If someone is that stupid as to believe that a low sugar diet is going to cure their cancer, they deserved to be thinned out from the herd, and stop wasting good taxpayer money on dope-smoking hippies.

    I wonder what kind of "incense" the parents will burn at his soon-to-be funeral?

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    I think this thread has gone long enough.

    It is not to be honest the material we would promote on CC and just might be heading toward uncharted waters!!!

    Thx for all who posted - now we close.
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