Excuse Me While I Rant

Excuse Me While I Rant

This is a discussion on Excuse Me While I Rant within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I am going to appologize to anyone of Native American heritage here who may be members, or know anyone who belongs to any Tribe. If ...

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Thread: Excuse Me While I Rant

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    Angry Excuse Me While I Rant

    I am going to appologize to anyone of Native American heritage here who may be members, or know anyone who belongs to any Tribe. If I have potentially offended you, I am sorry, but I got to continue.

    I just read an article about the use of the name Geronimo as a codename and some Natives seem to be "offended." Get over it already! What should they have used?

    First of all, the name Geronimo was not even the Apache warrior's real name. It was Goyaate, which kind of means "One Who Yawns." It was the Mexican soldiers he was attacking that uttered the name of St. Jerome to protect them as he charged in to kill them. The name Geronimo just kind of stuck.

    Now all of a sudden a small number of individuals are mad and the press jumps on it like a rabid animal. We should be thankful that our wonderful military have taken out the most offensive thing on our planet, and yet, some want to whimper that the use of Geronimo offends them. Please, give me a break.

    Ok, now my rant is over, I feel so much better. Thank you.
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    The LOPO (Loyal Order of the Perpetually Offended) will always find something to complain about.
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    Glad I missed this one, I would probably have a broken TV. :)

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    I'm largely Cherokee from both sides and I completely agree with you. All of us have a native heritage from somewhere. To attempt to loft it above others as some sort of protected social property is just one of the dumbest things that I've ever heard of.
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    Just one more example of the proliferation in the western world of everybody's a victim and you should brag about your wussness.

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    i thought only me felt it wrong to be brought up when there is a bigger picture at hand, not that it was used in a demogatory way or am i missing something as well.

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    I'm not Native American, but I think it would have made me proud that they chose this name for such a mission!
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    It's just another example of Political Correctness at work eroding the fabric of what used to mean, simply being American. We can no longer laugh at ourselves or poke fun at each other at the risk of offending someone who is thin-skinned enough to take it personally. There are too many neo-Americans who have no idea of the melting-pot concept of American life. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have an agenda.
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    I, too, am sick of all the "political correctness" crap! I guess they could have used the code words "Omega-Beta-Lamda", but then some "defender" of the ancient Greeks might have gotten offended!
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    name choice

    do any of these people realize that most of these code names are selected by a computer? i mean seriously!

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    I am Native American and do not have a problem with the codename, other than I think it was too honorable a name to give to bin Laden. I think something like anal leakage would have been a better codename. And to have that associated with bin Laden throughout history would have been priceless.

    Every ethnic group has their own loudmouths that try to speak for the rest of us. These people don't speak for me any more than the 6 people suing the Redskins to change my favorite team's name.
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    A phrase including a variation of any four letter word would have been more fitting.

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    Who cares. Your talking about a tiny group of people and has no affect on anything. There will always be people who complain and there always has been.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    The LOPO (Loyal Order of the Perpetually Offended) will always find something to complain about.
    First time I've heard that one. That's good!

    I've read poll numbers which consistently show that American Indians in the 80 to 90% range are not at all concerned about such stuff. Here in South Dakota we have a substantial Indian population (mostly Lakota Sioux) and nonsense like this isn't even on their radar. I recall one Indian who said in an interview that concern over Indian mascots and nicknames and so forth was basically "an urban Indian thing."

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    I thought Geronimo was slang for (Hold my beer and watch this)
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