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Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?

This is a discussion on Anyone else feeling overwhelmed? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by bunker Its funny how you equate things you need to buy in firearms purchase... i thought i was the only one who ...

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Thread: Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunker View Post
    Its funny how you equate things you need to buy in firearms purchase... i thought i was the only one who did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who else thinks this way too?????
    I do it!! All the time. -- Had to get glasses (even with insurance) -- almost another 500rds of .45ACP/.38spl target ammo.
    Alternator for my car-- 150 rounds of .45ACP/.38spl.
    Both of them -- almost another gun, or LOADS of ammo.
    "Gun control should mean hitting your target every time."

    Please try to remember- I have a very dry sense of humor. It usually sounds mean, but isn't meant to be.

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    Yep, know the feeling I just changed the blades on my lawnmower because I have to keep 3 acres of yard cut. Weed trimming with the weed trimmer is basically an all day job done on a separate day because I have back problems. Hedges on each side of the house needs cutting as I speak. Shrubery around the house needs cutting also. I am retired so I do not loose sleep over thinking about all of the work there is to do around a house. I think of it this way, It is better to have something to do than have nothing at all to do because that means you either had something and lost it or never had anything at all. The older I get and the more things I see the less I complain and be Thankful for what I do have because it can all be gone in an instant and you can be gone also and if you don't believe it just ask so of the Tornado victims over the past couple of weeks and listen to what they tell you.

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    I'm barely keeping up with cutting the grass lately, with multiple weddings to attend some weekends, two kids in diapers keeping my wife busy, and two of my three sister in laws being pregnant means she's not getting nearly her usual help. Getting six yards of mulch delivered tomorrow I hope, need to trim out two rooms I renovated this winter and insulation, wire, drywall, lay flooring and plumb a new laundry room.

    Oh yeah, and our anniversary is Saturday. I should probably get a card and some flowers lined up, snap.

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    I feel ya. However, I have mixed feelings about my stresses.

    Firstly, I have been working from 9am-2am. I am self-employed and contracting to my father. He has a Landscape Architecture/engineering firm. This is good, because I am actually having jobs and deadlines. Tiring, but good. Plus, it is always good to help the family out.

    Bought the house that I grew up in from my parents as a rental property. ...Which I am currently living in, as well. This is my first purchase of a house. The downside is dealing with roommates, which could be worse than it is.

    Last month, I tilled up and seeded fescue in the shady parts of my yard, and am growing centipede in the sun. Tore out and re-landscaped a couple of beds. Planted leatherleaf mahonias, knockout roses, nandina, sweet shrubs, ferns, hosta, japanese maples, a row of cedars to screen, some crape myrtles, and some perennial flowers. I still have plenty of work to do, though. I still need to till up and seed about 1/4th of the yard. The new grass looks awesome. It is coming in nicely and looks almost fake, it is so green.

    Yesterday, I blew out a tire on my 87 blazer. I know, bad, right? Well, yesterday, my set of tires also came in for my Lotus (and I picked up the 2011 sticker) - which hasn't been driven in over a year. Today, I get the tires put on, and this afternoon, I start the heavy detailing. Clean, clay bar, polish, wax. The works. ...On the downside, I have a check engine light which is throwing a code for my idle air intake valve. It used to die on idle, but now drives fine. I think it is just oil from the air filter on a sensor, but who knows. It also needs a heavy adjusting of or new steering rack. I can feel knocking through the steering wheel during driving - and it is slightly numb/loose. I'll fix that whenever I have more cash, though.

    I could probably name a million other things that I have to do, but honestly, I am enjoying what I am doing more than I am dreading it, right now.

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