Putting down dogs

Putting down dogs

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Thread: Putting down dogs

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    Putting down dogs

    This certainly is not a humorous post. This is the best category I could come up with though, as it is off topic. If another subforum is more appropriate please move it.

    I have two older dogs. I got one when I was eight, the other when I was nine. They're wonderful old hound dogs, I love them to death. Both are in failing health, after all they're fifteen and sixteen years old. The vet says they aren't in any pain, but I've got my doubts. I'm really starting to think that the most humane and by far not the easiest thing to do is euthanize them.

    I've got two options, have the vet do a farm call (they hate going to the vet, I'm not going to let them meet their end scared in a vets office), or shoot them. I kind of want to shoot them, not because its the easier way for me but because its the easier way for them. We could go on one last walk in the woods (one at a time for the dogs) and do it there. They wouldn't have any needles or strange people or anything like that.

    As I type this I wonder if I could do it. I know I could put my horse down if he broke his leg and it was the only alternative to hours of pain before someone else could do it. Its just harder when you have the choice and its a dog you raised and trained from a puppy, and grew up with. Whenever life was rough especially as a teenager they were always happy to lick and wag their tails and roll over for a belly scratch.

    I guess my question is has anyone done it? Where exactly did you shoot, how effective was it, and what caliber? I would like .22 probably, I know guys who put horses down with a .22, but my only .22 is a rifle which they are scared of (makes loud noises). They aren't scared of handguns (never shot them around the dogs), which I have a 9 mm, .45, and .38 special. I'm thinking the 9. I certainly want one shot and lights out.

    I was there when I was fifteen and the vet put my first horse down for me. She had an incurable disease that was affecting her quality of life and I made the call for him to go ahead and put her down. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. This would probably top it.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    After seeing the outcome of an unsuccessful attempt at a person trying to take care of their own pet, get the vet out there. You can not know the anguish that can come from not getting it right nor do you want to. You will be glad you did and your animals will get the dignity and care they have earned. This also lets you be there to comfort them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC Bullseye View Post
    After seeing the outcome of an unsuccessful attempt at a person trying to take care of their own pet, get the vet out there. You can not know the anguish that can come from not getting it right nor do you want to. You will be glad you did and your animals will get the dignity and care they have earned. This also lets you be there to comfort them.
    +100 having the vet do it is far more humane and there is no fear in making a poor shot and having them suffer.
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    I am sorry, but IMO you are totally wrong. Do not even consider doing it by yourself; take the dogs to the veterinarian or make the vet go to your farm. I am very, very sorry for the situation.
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    If you have the money, i'd say have the vet. Maybe if u'd rather do it yourself than a stranger, or don't have the extra funds do it yourself. But me personally, I'd hate to do it, just knowing that I killed my dog (I would realize though, that I took them out of suffering) but I would just hate to do it. And if you decide on doing it yourself, just make sure its only one shot, I couldn't imagine hearing them whimpering until you shot again :/

    I hope whatever you decide all goes well. Sorry that you're in this situation.
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    I would be very surprised if anybody tells you to do it yourself. Get the vet. having it done prefessionally and with certainty is also very humane. Sorry for your dogs. I get sad thinking about my dog Otto, and he is only 6 months old...
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    The vet. Over many years, I've had a half-dozen old dogs put down when it hurt me to see them struggle on. They were all family and I still feel the pain of losing each one. In every case, they gave me a look that said "I'm done". Two of them went out and dug holes in the woods and just lay down. They each went peacefully, painlessly and with dignity. I can't imagine another way. Call the vet.

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    Please have the vet come out.

    Spend the money.

    Its peaceful, caring, loving, and painless to your wonderful animals.
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    4 dogs, my border collie spent a night outside and the next day as i was deciding to go to the vet he came closer, said good by to each of us, laid down and
    and went his own way. 2 other dogs got older to having quality of life issues and left with the vet. we held them and the green needle takes them quickly and with dignity. i look to my rescue dog who is 12 and think she may go for lots more.

    sometimes you need others to do what they are trained for.
    for you and your buddies, the vet is their best way out.
    a thing you do not want to carry through life is the sound of the shots that ended their lifes.
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    Please spare yourself and have the vet come to you.

    I had to put one of ours down when it developed distemper and couldn't walk. .22, contact shot to the center of the head, and it did NOT put him down! I had to shoot him again. My youngest freaked out at the amount of blood when I was burying him.

    Don't do it to yourself, have the vet do it.
    I won't do it again if I can possibly help it.
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    If you know the vet, and they know what they are doing, that's probably the best call. I took a dog to a vet I was unfamiliar with. It was an absolutely horrific experience. I'd have been better off shooting him.
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    I've done it and no I didn't like doing it at all.

    On the other hand, it ain't rocket surgery.

    One time I did it with a 12 gage with a load of double ought in the back of the head. DRT. Never knew what hit it.

    Another time two pit bull mongrels that were so unmanageable that they were downright dangerous and I did not trust them around my small kids.
    Both of them together, 12 gage, double ought buck in the head. Both of them DRT.

    If you can do it, then do it. If you cant, call one of your friends to do it for you. I've done that too...on both ends.
    It sucks, but sometimes you just got man up and do it.
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    If your asking an interent forum, there's your answer. Have it done right for the dogs sake.
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    personally, i would call the vet.
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    When the time comes, have the vet come to your house.

    Also keep in mind that in some areas you're asking for trouble if someone gets wind of this.

    Don't do it. Get the vet.

    God Bless.

    "Everybody's got a plan, 'til they get hit".

    Mike Tyson

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