I have a job interview back home in Memphis!! Wish me luck!

I have a job interview back home in Memphis!! Wish me luck!

This is a discussion on I have a job interview back home in Memphis!! Wish me luck! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I am flying down to Memphis Tennessee, home sweet home, on the 15th of this month for a interview. If all goes well, maybe they ...

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Thread: I have a job interview back home in Memphis!! Wish me luck!

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    I have a job interview back home in Memphis!! Wish me luck!

    I am flying down to Memphis Tennessee, home sweet home, on the 15th of this month for a interview. If all goes well, maybe they will offer me the job.

    If I got this job it would mark my entrance into the management field in Broadcast TV Engineering. Not sure I really want to be there but it would get us home. Plus, the job comes with a company car that they buy the gas for and that I would be allowed to use for personal use. That would be a rather sizable raise right there by itself.

    Wish me luck and I will of course keep everyone updated.
    This all is dependent on how our Son does and the outcome of his Neurologist visit that we will find out about in the near future.
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    Congrats...know you havent been happy in the Hoosier state for awhile. Hope it works out.
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    Congrats. I hope you get it! I'm sure you'll do great.

    Imagine all the "walking in memphis" jokes you'll have to deal with - but a small price to pay if you get a job

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    Good luck. Maybe you'll be missing Indiana soon.
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    as much as he and i have talked about him hating it here, i sincerely doubt it sixto. Mike, hope everything goes well for you and we gotta get to the range before you leave my friend
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    Good luck to you plus that will put you right next to St Judes and maybe any treatments your son needs can be done there.
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    Best of luck to you, I am currently in the midst of job hunting right now, which is extremely frustrating at this time. But you got the interview, which means you already did something to get their attention, now you just need to keep it.
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    Best of luck to you Mike. I hope all goes well with your son and with the new job. Maybe soon you'll find yourself back in TN.
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    Wish you well on your job search. If you can get a job you like, in the State you like, things will calm down. How's your boy?
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    Good luck mate. I hope it all works out best for you and your son's treatment.
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    Good luck on both the job and getting back to where you want to be!!

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    @ Wits' End

    What they all said. God bless!
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    Good luck.

    FYI on the personal use of the company car: They are required to include your personal mileage as taxable income on your w-2 at year-end. If you don't withhold enough taxes to cover that added income, you could end up paying Uncle Sam come April 15th.

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    Want to see location changed to "sadly not Indiana"
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    Best of luck to you Mike in both the job and your son. Hope everything works out the way you want it to.
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