Pigeon slayers

Pigeon slayers

This is a discussion on Pigeon slayers within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well, I just got back from the farms out in SW Mesa where we were hunting pigeons. Between three of us we bagged over 60 ...

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Thread: Pigeon slayers

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    Pigeon slayers

    Well, I just got back from the farms out in SW Mesa where we were hunting pigeons. Between three of us we bagged over 60 of them! For those that aren't familiar, pigeons are more fun to shoot than doves and as challenging as ducks, and their vision is like a turkey. What a good time!

    Anyway, I wish I brought the camera...

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    Pigeons...the doggone RATS of the Bird World.
    Good shooting.

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    Spent alot of fun hours as a teen hunting pigeons for farmers. They would let us shoot around their barns to clear them out as long as we didn't shoot holes in their barns! (We never did) Our tactics where to send one of us in the barn with a slingshot and small rocks. The sling shotter would take pot shots at the pigeons who would head for the one opening we left. Outside facing away from the barn it was skeet shooting time. Amazing how much mess a group of sky rats can make...
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    I used to do that with a few friends. I knew a guy that owned a hog farm and we used to use his land to shoot crows. One day he asked up if we could take care fo the pigeon problem for him. Naturally, we said yes.

    These hog houses were long,about 75 yards and there were 6 of them. Each house had a fenced in yard at one end of them so that the pigs could get some exercise. We would shut the doors at the other end of the house so that the pigeons inside were forced to fly out over the yard. One guy would go in an flush them out, the other two would shoot everything that they could. We would take turns doing this on each house.

    Those pigs in the yard soon learned that pigeons were good to eat. It became almost as much sport watching them fight over a pigeon as it was to shoot them. They would eat the whole thing...feathers and all. Those pigs were pretty smart. Some of them would gather up were the pigeons would fall and be ready to eat them before they hit the ground.

    We did that for several years and it was great target practice. There were several occasions that the farmer bought us cases of shells and appeared happy to do so. We didnt know how good we had it. One day the old farmer died of a heart attack and his wife sold the farm.
    About a year later, we asked the new owner if we could pigeon hunt his houses. He looked at us as if we were crazy, said he had never heard of that before and didnt want his pigs dieing of lead poisoning. So...that was the end of that.
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    Sounds like a Good time

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    we call'em rock dove and they are good eating.
    You don't wanna eat the ones in the city though...

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