Inherited Colt .32-20

Inherited Colt .32-20

This is a discussion on Inherited Colt .32-20 within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; It came today! A couple weeks ago I recieved a letter from my Grandmother saying that her niece had my Great Grandfather's Colt .32-20 and ...

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Thread: Inherited Colt .32-20

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    Inherited Colt .32-20

    It came today!

    A couple weeks ago I recieved a letter from my Grandmother saying that her niece had my Great Grandfather's Colt .32-20 and wanted to get it to his appropriate heirs, so I arranged to have it shipped to me (C&R's a good thing).

    I assumed it was a Colt Police Positive Special, but when I got it the rollmark said "Colt Army Special". Not sure what the difference is.

    The serial number is: 350XXX

    Anyway, here's some pics (not very good ones as I just threw the pistol up on the scanner and scanned ... the flaws in the finish show up SIGNIFICANTLY better in the scan than they do when you're holding the piece) and the bluing in person is just beautiful ... again the scans don't do it justice.

    [click image for larger]

    [click image for larger]

    Overall it looks to be in tremendously good shape for such an old pistol, and I can't wait to get some ammo and take this guy out to the range. Any reason why I shouldn't shoot the off-the-shelf ammo I can find in this gun? I know originally .32-20 was a rifle round so I want to make sure modern loadings aren't too high pressure (although since most of the .32-20 shooters out there are Cowboy Action Shooters I expect most factory loadings will be rather light).

    Oh yeah, the provenance...

    This pistol belonged to my Great Grandfather who passed away in 1932. My Grandmother was only 12 years old at the time so they gave his guns to his brother-in-law.

    In 1948, tragically, said brother-in-law took his own life with this pistol. It sat at the coroner's office for a couple of months but was mailed to the family where it sat in the envelope it came in for many years.

    My Great Grandfather's brother-in-law's daughter (my Grandmother's Niece) ended up in possession of the firearm and it sat in her husband's gun collection for many years (where it was shot only occasionally, but apparently her husband was very fastidious about gun maintenance).

    My Grandmother ran into her niece at a wedding a few months ago and somehow the discussion turned to this pistol (I believe since her husband had recently passed away they were in the process of dividing his collection up among their children). Since the gun rightfully belonged to my Grandmother (who assumed it was lost since the suicide) she should try to get it to her or her heirs.

    My Grandmother didn't want to go through the FFL nonsense and told her to keep it but my mother (who was also at the wedding) spoke up and said to contact me about it.

    As luck would have it, I have a C&R FFL so my Grandmother's Niece was able to ship the gun from Nevada to me here in Colorado with minimal fuss.

    I don't expect I'll be CCWing this one
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    According to R.L wilson dates of manufacture book it was built in 1913

    you can shoot 32-30 but only if it is lead.. Barrels back then were not using the same alloys we use now and jacketed bullets were know to wear out the barrel

    Great looking gun A nice one to get for sure..

    you might want to check in the value of it before you decide to shoot it also

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    This will be one nice keepsake.

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    Wonderful to inherit Zund - and actually the scan pics do come out remarkably well.

    I know very little about that cal, other than realizing it was the old BP designation..
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