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This is a discussion on Spin off from the trusting cops thread... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by atctimmy The most frustrating part is that no one really has time or wants to talk to me. The Court clerk seems ...

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Thread: Spin off from the trusting cops thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    The most frustrating part is that no one really has time or wants to talk to me. The Court clerk seems pretty nice and I think she will help make this all go away in a few days time...BUT my DL expires tomorrow and this probably isn't going to get resolved until Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime my wife will be driving me to work or, failing that, I just have to hope I don't run into SIXTO in the next few days. :(

    I started this process a week ago and it just takes too much time.
    Can you apply for a hardship license in the interim?

    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    Every time I deal with PA I feel thankful that I don't live there anymore.
    If you currently lived in Massachusetts this would be funny because then I could say: "If PA says no you can always beg MA."

    Thanks for fixing it Sixto. Please forgive my laziness...
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    Many states, have a time limit on how long you are expected to keep records on anything....... I'ld check on it. Surely, they've changed their systems and methods of maintaining records over the last 20 yrs.... so that in itself is self-explanatory. The file corruption, may be purely it's the "old format" and the present set up or softward won't read it. Check the extension and what program and version it was, and it may be able to be recoverd with a "fix" on-line to read it.
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    yes unless it is for a capitol offense, ALL crimes have a statute of limitations. This should be expunged. Also, you should talk to an attorney but would not the court have to provide some sort of proof (the citation itself for example) or have to drop the case? I would talk to a lawyer.

    I know that for debt collection companies that they have to be the ones to PROVE that you owe the money or you don't have to pay it. For example when a debt collection companies buys up debt from banks if somewhere in there the paperwork does not get filed correctly or if they cannot produce documented proof that the debt exists, then the debt is null and void. Talk to a lawyer dude.
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    Everyone still posting needs to read post # 10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopyard View Post
    Except for actual felony conviction, there needs to be a rip- up and shred requirement for just about everything after a few years.

    This goes not only for criminal matters, but many financial transactions and medical records as well.

    A few weeks ago I jammed some filthy wire through my hand and went to an emergency room in another state. I had been there one time before---more than 15 years ago. Although they were wonderful back then (saved my hide) and efficient at treating me this time, I found it rather disconcerting that they maintained my personal records after all of these years. The personal information and medical information were either not needed now, or were exquisitely out of date and useless; yet there it was right in their little hands to confuse things.

    In this day of Google search engines, computer security breaches, human stupidity (as for all time), we need a law that makes most records disappear after relatively short and predictable time periods.

    The consequences of errors piling up over time, and sometimes getting compounded, (false arrest, medical mistake, credit denied) and the difficulty of correcting error--per our OP's experience-- is just too burdensome.
    sorry rabbit trail coming...but don't get used to the idea of this going away. I don't know about anywhere else, but here in VA most of the docs I've run into have access to all their patients records via laptop or PDA. As someone in the tech field, and having specifically had to delve in to the security side this disturbs me considerably! I know all to well how easy it is to compromise most systems with a little basic architectural knowledge and/or basic social engineering. So now what we have is all those old records not only following you around, but also your docs carrying around an access point for them everywhere!

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