Tonight we had no power from late afternoon until near dark. Myself and one neighbor decided we would pull the grills out and have a cook-out in the driveway. Well by the time it was all said and done there were 6 grills going with burgers, hotdogs, grilled corn, beans and everything else you could imagine.
With full bellies and the cooking and cleaning done (thanks to paper plates and aluminum foil) the men and a few of the ladies decided to have an impromptu shooting match. Our plans were foiled as the kids decided they wanted to shoot so out came the 22's and a mess of ammo.
It felt good to be out with the neighbors. Kind of reminded me of the days when I was younger and everyone knew everyone and you could call anyone for help of any kind and they would come.
I am lucky to have neighbors that we like and like us in return.
We do have a mess of casings to clean up and more than a few cans, plastic bottles and target clays met their demise today. We even managed to get a basketball game going after the shooting stopped ( We estimate the kids went through 1500 rounds with 4 pistols and 6 rifles).
In short TODAY was a GOOD DAY, even with no power.