Making the switch to Direct TV!! Have a few questions.

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Thread: Making the switch to Direct TV!! Have a few questions.

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    I always threaten to leave Comcast but I never have, its pricey but we never have any problems.

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    I have had it for about 6 years. Mainly for NFL Sunday ticket option. Which incidentally you get free right now if you sign up as a new customer. They wont automatically give you the new promotions, but if you call and "discuss" issues with them they are pretty good about it.

    Im about to call and raise hell that as a loyal customer I have to pay $350+ for NFL Sunday ticket, and new customers get it for free.

    Never had any signal issues.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadKill View Post
    They all have pluses and minuses. Be glad you don't have Charter as your only choice (I will not cut down trees!) Ranked last by Consumer Reports for Cable TV, Phone, and Internet. In my area if someone spits on the sidewalk in town the cable goes out. One city has already started its own system, but the rest of us are stuck with paying Charter's increasing bill.
    Wait for your promotion to ALMOST expire. Then call them & cancel everything except the most basic services. Call them back the next day & ask for a special rate for increasing your service & you will get your old deal again (or withing a buck or 2).

    My sister HATED charter and after AT&T U-Verse came available she switched over. Six months later the romance is over & she HATES U-Verse. I wonder how long it will be after she signs up for Direct TV till she hates them too...

    Short version: They all suck! Find the one you hate the least & live with it or just live without it all together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joepa150 View Post
    My neighbors all say their Direct Tv signal is good and it rarely goes out only in a really hard downpour.

    Also if Direct Tv prices go up after 12 months, it still is cheaper than Comcast's (I don't want to loose your business special pricing) price.
    Around these parts that's unacceptable. Tornado weather is when we need information the most.
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    OP if it is just about price then you should call Comcast. I negotiate the fee of my cable bill every year. Every spring my promotion runs out and I call Time Warner Cable and say something like this: "This bill is way to high. I like your service but at this price I just can't justify having cable" They always tell me that my promotion expired and that this is their normal price. I tell them that the regular price is too high and if they want to keep me as a customer they have to put me back at the promotional price. They do it every time because they know that part of something is better than all of nothing.
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