This is a discussion on Pitbulls...... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I have noticed alot of negative comments about pitbulls on these boards. Are all of you really pitbull haters? findpitbull_v4 How many of you can ...

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Thread: Pitbulls......

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    I have noticed alot of negative comments about pitbulls on these boards.

    Are all of you really pitbull haters?


    How many of you can honestly pick out the pitbull picture out of those dog pictures on the first try?

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    I put several rounds of .45 through one a few years ago when serving a warrant. That dog died right at my feet.

    Do I hate them? Nah.

    Do I have a healthy respect for what they can do? You'd better beleive it.

    Having responded to 2 deaths by pit and seeing the carnage, I aint playing around.

    I'm not prejudiced though,whether it's a Pit Bull,German Shepard, Lab or a pshyco Chiuahua tyring to killl me...I'm an equal opportunity shooter.
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    I do not hate any animals. I equate it to a bear; have they killed people? Yes, do I have a healthy respect for their abilities? Yes.

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    You really want to get something started, eh?

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    Not a pit bull hater, but ultra-wary of them. Too many stupid people breeding and raising them as "symbols" of their badass-ness, that I simply don't trust the breed.

    Other breeds have gone through similar phases, notoriously German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers. After a generation of being out of the spotlight there is a higher level of responsible breeding going on and the majority of them are in good hands.
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    I can pick out a pit. I believe that dogs are made mean not born. Sure plenty of breeds are bred to be aggressive but I still say the owner are circumstances the dog faces in life are the true trigger for mean animals. I do know however (before I get flamed to Katmandu) know that like people some animals are just not right in the head.

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    I love all animals and there is nothing about any animal that I can find to dislike or hate. Having said this, I must say that the Pitbull has received much negative publicity and seem to be involved in many horrible incidents. As a Security Officer and a graduate of a K-9 School here in Florida, I have had the pleasure to work with these Great German Shepherd K-9's. We were trained to handle these dogs just as the Police Officers and I worked with three of these dogs for 10 years. Based on my experience, IMO, I will say that 99% of these incidents are the fault of the owners or handlers. I refuse to believe, and I could be wrong, that these dogs are bourn with the urge to kill and maul. I think this topic will become very interesting in hearing from some of the owners and also some of the victims of Pitbull incidents. //END//

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    I don't hate pitbulls but I generally dislike them. To me they are ugly and too prone to violence. Yes there can be nice pit bulls, but there are far too many trashy owners who give them a bad name. It may be a stereotype, but a lot of pit bull owners are not the most classy people.

    I do hate dalmatians. I was attacked by one as a 2 or 3 year old and if it wasn't for my having been wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time I would be physically scarred to this day. I don't fully remember the attack but I hate that entire breed. They have been so overbred that they are now a degenerate breed.

    I don't care if you have a nice dalmatian that is not an inbred. I still can't stand those dogs.

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    Hate no, cautious yes, but there are a awful lot of Pit bull attack stories on the news on a regular basis....
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    I'll step up to the plate. I pretty much hate them.
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    From 2006 to 2008 Pit Bulls were responsible for 59% of all fatal attacks.
    U.S. Dog Bite Statistics - DogsBite.org

    Top 10 most dangerous dogs. Pit Bull and varieties are #1
    The World's Most Dangerous Dogs - The Daily Beast
    Most Dangerous Dogs in the World.

    Top 10 most dangerous dog BREEDS Pit Bull #1
    Top Ten (10) Most Dangerous Dog Breeds | Pets Do

    Dog breeds most likely to kill people. The Pit and its mixes tops this list.
    Which Dog Breeds Are More Likely To Kill People

    List of fatal dog attacks 2005 to 2011
    List of fatal dog attacks in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    According to these studies, the most dangerous of dogs are those of pit bulls and their mixes. Picking out the full blooded one makes no difference to me. ( I got the full blooded one on the 6th try by the way, not too good) Pits and their mixes are still #1 most dangerous.

    And as for hating them, Yes I do. In my opinion, the only good Pit Bull or mix of a Pit Bull is a dead one.
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    Pit Bulls are breed to be fighting dogs. Its in their blood. Sure, some can be nice (until they turn mean). The statistics show that Pit Bulls are or can be violent. Evil dogs no matter how nice one may seem. Kinda like a so called tame tiger. They are nice until they kill someone.

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    It woulda been easier if he had a disembodied arm in his mouth,I wouldn't say I hate pits in General I hate vicious dogs that run at large,case in point I have 3 dogs charging me on my bike every day I ride down the street on my way home,Tomorrow I'm filling out a police report,if that doesn't alert his owners to keep em leashed I may end up having to shoot the most agressive one
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    I picked the Pitt on the first try.

    Pitts are great loyal family dogs. They are not good guard dogs, however. They just want to play. They won't bite anyone, even as puppies. I have owned many, many Pitts over the years and NONE of my dogs or their puppies have ever bitten anyone. I socialize all of our dogs around people from birth.

    Can they be made to be mean? Sure any dog can. I've been bit 3 times, a dachshund, a chihuahua, and a mangy mutt. The worst injury I've received around a Pitt? I've been scratched if I let their nails grow too long. I've been scratched much worse from a "friendly" cat. A Rottie rolled over my ankle for a belly rub and sprained it. I didn't blame the dog.

    Lumping in a bunch of dogs misidentified as Pitts and saying you "hate" them and they should be banned sounds like a very familiar argument against responsible gun ownership, doesn't it?

    Parting shot: As Mark Twain once said: "There are three types of lies; lies, damn lies, and statistics."
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    Don't blame the dog, blame the trash that raised it.

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