Appology & Explination/Clarifiation.

Appology & Explination/Clarifiation.

This is a discussion on Appology & Explination/Clarifiation. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I did not mean to start a bashing fighting threat in regards to pitbulls. The thread was about education in regards to: 1. I wanted ...

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Thread: Appology & Explination/Clarifiation.

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    Appology & Explination/Clarifiation.

    I did not mean to start a bashing fighting threat in regards to pitbulls. The thread was about education in regards to:

    1. I wanted to learn about the way other members of the forum thought about things other than guns (Wide minded or narrow minded, etc).
    2. BSL's (Breed Specific Legislation) are a threat facing many breeds not just pitbulls and just like gun laws, we should fight them.
    3. We need to be carefull what we say, or we will become fear mongers ourselves.

    Hate is an absolute, I have a problem with people who speak in absolutes in general, especially when they don't know the facts/history behind something (Thank you for the excellent history post OD).

    Now we are all gun rights activists, simply by owning a gun we are standing up for the rights and helping to educate the people we know that gun's are not monsters, nor are they the root of the problem. We rail against the fear mongering media that make us look like nuts, that make it look like the way to solve the problem is to ban firewarms.

    We we say things like "I hate pitbulls, it is bred into their blood, they are ticking time bombs, (all myths)" we are contributing to fear mongering and are no better than the fear mongering media.

    Pitbulls and Firearms may not be strongly related, but fear mongering is a universal tool to pass unjust laws and create unjust feelings.

    I appologize to the Moderators if the threat was/got out of hand. I am happy that I learned things from the thread, and I hope others learned something too.

    I simply want you to know I am not trolling, or trying to start trouble.

    Mod's feel free to delete or lock this thread.

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    No problem, its just a heated topic that gets the juices flowing both ways and its always a matter of time until a thread gets locked.Now ya know.

    Dont worry about it.
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