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Horrified and Embarrassed Walmart Customer Demands that Store Apologize to Her - News

This is a discussion on Horrified and Embarrassed Walmart Customer Demands that Store Apologize to Her - News within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Attention Wal-Mart shoppers! We have a winner in the clothing aisle...

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Thread: Horrified and Embarrassed Walmart Customer Demands that Store Apologize to Her - News

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    Attention Wal-Mart shoppers! We have a winner in the clothing aisle

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    I opened this thread thinking something really bad happened. All I see is one of the munster family...
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    I would've told her "Mam, no here at WalMart is humiliating you, you have achieved that all by yourself!"

    I think that Walmart should establish a nationwide store policy about dress code made visible by a clear sign on the entrance that states that all customers must wear shoes and shirts or they will be asked to leave.

    I just can't believe that someone would leave the house like that. DISGUSTING!
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    ok let me get my flamesuit on.

    alright I'm back. with the shaved head and the full sleeve tattoos, not to mention the lack of clothes she was looking for attention. if she doesn't like the attention she got, well that's just too bad. if she was using profanity and yelling in the store I have no doubt it was due to her "attire". why people make themselves look like that and then holler when someone looks at them I don't understand; "you" brought that upon yourself when you elected to go out without a shirt and pants on.

    flamesuit off

    and lima, I agree with you 100%. its just a simple modesty/respect issue
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    Looks like alot of the retired Marines around here.
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    Private store. They can set their own dress code if they want.

    In other news

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul34 View Post
    Private store. They can set their own dress code if they want.

    In other news

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    You guys can have this when I'm done.

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    I would not want to be the officer that responds to THIS scene.
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    Simply out of respect for others she should consider a little cover-up. There's no way she went into Wal-Mart dressed like that without a bit of a chip on her shoulder, more or less daring someone to say something -- this theory is probably bolstered by the comment from the manager that noted several people complained about her abuse of them. She was daring someone to say something and then she didn't like it when they did.

    My father is a laryngectomy, and there's only about two or three restaurants he'll go in, all of them places that know him and are used to him -- in fact, when we walk into one Sonny's BBQ, he's greeted with a hearty hello by name, and they then seat him in a corner, away from others, that he's comfortable in. He sticks to these places, and his seating arrangements, because he doesn't want to bother other people with any wheezing or other situations that arise from the hole in his throat -- in other words, his condition has made him be considerate of disturbing other peoples dining experiences.

    This lady needs to learn some of this humility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LanceORYGUN View Post
    She is very poor. She just lives off disability, in a local mobile home park with her sister.

    It appears that she never married.

    It's amazing how so many of the very poor manage to find the money to get themselves inked isn't it?

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    Dude,your man-boobs are ridiculous! I wonder if his other knows he goes out like this!!!!!!!!!?.Hmmmmmm.,where does he keep his GUN?!

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    Oh my, that picture. I'm horrified. Warning, too much looking at it can cause blindness.

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    A private business has the right to order an individual to leave the property for wearing a red shirt. Why wouldn't Wal Mart have the right to get her out of the store?

    Open carrying a cath bag? She owes Wal Mart an apology.
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