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Thread: The Fat..Combat Fit..

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    39 Here.
    My name is Frogman46 and I'm tougher than you.

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    No stud here. I'am 230 and 6'2'' and 65 years old.I did work out three to four times a week.Pushing iron, but it's taking to long to recover afterward.Was doing 300 on the bench, it just hurts to much.I work out most of my life in one form or another. I stop last winter.Now I go out and play in the desert.Just a old man that hates to give up.

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    37 y/o. 5'10" 195#. I want to get down to 175#

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    I wish I had the discipline of all of you 15 pounds off would be wonderful; if I would just cut the carbs.
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    I turn 40 in just shy of a month. Don't know what my weight is as we don't own a scale, but I would like to loose quite a bit. I know from experience that I am highly carb sensitive. Part of the difficulty is my wife, who doesn't do well on an LC diet even with regular exercise. (not for a lack of trying). I have read a bit of research indicating that there are different nutritional types, with those that would do well on an LC diet being in the majority, I guess my wife is not one of them.

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    I'm 5'7" and 160lbs. I started running at the end of May using the C25k program. I wasn't doing it to lose weight, but just get in better shape. I completed the program last week and am running 3 miles now every other day. While I really didn't lose any weight I have much more energy now and just feel great all around. Having taught my body to do more with less oxygen has helped even in this intense heat we have had lately. Other people are sweating, complaining and saying it's hard to breath in the humidity... I don't know what their problem is, just seems like a nice sunny day to me. ;)

    I've also been doing some light dumbbell work on the off days along with some sit ups and push ups.

    In the fall I want to start Krav Maga.
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    I'm 25 to add to my first post

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    44 here and yeah, just cutting out the white bread, rice, pasta and potatoes does the trick for me. But I never eat/drink sugar or HFCS, ever. That stuff is pure poison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beni View Post
    How are you liking the Krav Maga training? I found a gym near my house that has Krav Maga training and I'm really considering signing up. From what I've seen Krav Maga seems to be very practical from a defensive hand to hand standpoint. Is it something that a beginner could become proficient in from a self defense standpoint relatively quickly (assuming they stick with it and train regularly)? How intense are the work outs?
    I love it, but as Quicksabre stated you need to asses the Instructor. Two of my Instructors are also my TKD Instructors, so I trust them and the others in the school. It keeps me in shape. If you decide to study Krav just know that it is not a sport, it is real. It is not a Martial Art, it is purely self defense. Last Monday we ventured in to BJJ and in a demonstration of going from someone in your guard to you having them in an arm bar, I got my right elbow tweaked a bit too far and the whole class heard about 4 or 5 pops out of my elbow and it is still sore today.
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    I'm 6'2'' and the most I ever weighed was 275 in high school. My senior year I picked up lacrosse, as it was new to our district, and my weight would put me at less of a disadvantage since nobody knew how to play. It was amazing what getting off my butt did for my weight. Within a couple of months I had lost about 40 pounds. By the end of senior year I was around 225.

    Throughout the summer, I was running about 3-4 miles 4 nights a week. I also cut way back on my eating. I didn't cut out any specific foods, I just didn't eat near as much. By the start of college I was around 195. I continued running for a few years and have never gone back to eating as much as I used to. I quit running about 2 years ago as I just got tired of it. Instead of running, I picked up lifting weights, which I'd done off and on for a few years. These days, I stick to high pace resistance training and eating fairly well. It's kept me at 175 for quite a while now, and I'm happy with that.
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    6'3" started my desk job at 260, three years ago, now 310 lbs. My lab panels are absolutely perfect to the point of the doctor being jealous of them. Unfortunately though I have high blood pressure. he put me on a low dose blood pressure medication and I am only 33. I refuse to be on it any longer than necessary and operation slimdown is in full effect. I lose weight when I put my mind to it, but am a newlywed and eat way too much.
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