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This is a discussion on 911 10 years later within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I was celebrating my 45th birthday on 9/11/2001 and was off work that week. My brother works for US Airways had just phoned me when ...

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Thread: 911 10 years later

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    I was celebrating my 45th birthday on 9/11/2001 and was off work that week. My brother works for US Airways had just phoned me when we saw that jet hit the other tower. That began a day of shock and sadness.

    We need not forget what radicals did to all of us that day and be even more vigilant for the next violent act they wish to render upon the United States.
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    My daughter called me and said, "Dad , you better get on a news channel something is happening". I log into my computer and obtain "live news coverage" and they were discussing the first plane hitting and showing it "LIVE". I watched, a few people stuck their head in my office and asked what's going on... I told them.... they didn't believe me.

    Then, the 2nd airplane hit. The first words out of my mouth were "Osama bin Laden" .... as I had bet my father for years that he would some day get the WTC buildings, because he was a determined sort and they had kept trying for so long. Then, I ran out of my office, told my boss and others' what was occurring..... and they thought it was a bad joke and chewed me out for saying something like that.

    My brother was on an airplane from Seattle to Ks City, and I called him. He said he was in Ks City and knew about it, and had gotten orders to report immediately to 6th Army headquarters, and since he could not get an airplane was renting a car and driving. The car, happened to have NEW YORK tags on it. So, when he arrived, his rental car was about totally stripped down after he pulled up to the gates.

    The first two things that come to mind to me..... are those kids riding in those airplanes as they crashed into the buildings, those who fought back in Pennsylvania, and those who I saw in the initial reports of people jumping.

    I worked next to and on airport property. I had turned on a radio at one point that picked up the tower or approach control frequencies. I heard them saying, " We have a directive that ALL airplanes are to go to the nearest airport and land IMMEDIATELY". One commercial replied back, "that doesn't mean us does it ". Reply from Control.... "that means YOU and everyone else in the air today". One unidentified source commented over the radio, "Oh MY GOD ................... what's happened". There was no reply.

    We had never seen so many airplanes landing so quickly or commercials soooooo close on each others tails going in on final approach to land (it was a WOW moment)... over and over and over and over. We had never seen so many airplanes at that airport. The line of airplanes coming in seemed endless. They had problems finding places left to park them. There are always airplanes flying over and the buzz / sound of airplanes in the background ... always... and for days.... the sky was totally "clear'... airplanes sitting vacated & silent, with an eery solemness about it all.

    Word went out, and immediately everyone was doing something, even opening up their houses, to make sure that stranded travelers were well taken care of.

    And, no matter what others think, I thank Seal Team 6 and all that helped in making Osama bin Laden disappear off the face of this earth, as well as any of his cohorts or those who supported his cause.
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    I had worked the night shift at WKRG TV in Mobile Alabama. (I'm a Broadcast Engineer) I was asleep when my wife came in and said the news was saying that a plane had hit one of the WTC buildings. I mumbled something about it probably being a Cessna that some idiot had flown into the building trying to do something stupid and rolled over and went back to sleep.

    She came back into the room a bit later and said the news was now saying a plane had crashed into the other WTC building and I immediately knew it was a terrorist attack. I got up and we went to the living room and watched. They then were saying that a plane had crashed at the Pentagon.

    Then the reports of a plane crash in PA.

    We just sat there and watched all the coverage. I went to work a little early because already the news locally was starting to try to find out if there were any passengers on any of the planes that were from our area and they needed help with all the uplinks and downlinks from various organizations.

    I still remember the first airliner I saw in the air after the FAA cleared them to fly again. The station is right on the approach for one of the main runways of the downtown airport. That airport mainly does maintenance on airliners and converts them to cargo planes and such things as that. Myself and 2 other Engineers were on the roof of the station doing work on a satellite dish when we heard it. A huge DC-10 was flying right at us and we just stood there and watched it in awe. I remember thinking that just a few days ago that was just a plane. And now, it was transformed into the visage of something dangerous and evil. It made me sad and I realized that the terrorist who struck us did succeed in changing the USA in a fundamental way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    And, no matter what others think, I thank Seal Team 6 and all that helped in making Osama bin Laden disappear off the face of this earth, as well as any of his cohorts or those who supported his cause.
    I'll second that Eagleks! I was so happy when I heard that the SEALS had killed that SOB. Sadly, there are more of them left still running around though. But I know they will be dealt with as well.
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