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I felt like Barney Fife himself today

This is a discussion on I felt like Barney Fife himself today within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by JD I think Chris has had more NDs than Barney ever did. Oh, c'mon! That's not fair! ... Barney only had one ...

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Thread: I felt like Barney Fife himself today

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    I think Chris has had more NDs than Barney ever did.
    Oh, c'mon! That's not fair!

    ... Barney only had one bullet.

    j/k Chris. Feel the love.
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    Hey Chris, from what I recall about Barney, he was:
    - Loyal
    - Faithful
    - Reliable
    - Courageous - yes, courageous when he was put to the challenge
    - A good friend
    - A ladies' man
    - A moral man
    - Liked motorcycles
    - Willing to go the extra mile

    If you're anything like him, you're definitely the kind of guy I want on my team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INccwchris View Post
    hopefully tomorrow is better, I hate doing traffic control with a passion, but I like money. It helps me buy new toys.
    You're smarter than me...I do it for NO money!

    Seriously - as long as nobody dies, it's a good day.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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    As I now sit in my cubicle daily, and work on a continuous flow of monotonous paper work (notice that the Lance Corporal is dropped from my name, I'm now a civvie), I often start to think that I am having a crummy day.

    But then I remember I have a job I secured within a month of getting out of the Marines, and it pays the bills. And then I remember that no one is trying to blow me up daily on my drive to or from work. And I get to shower everyday, and choose the food I eat. And I get to sleep in my own nice bed, and see my family and friends on a weekly basis.

    And then I think about all the guys I trained in my unit before I left the Corps, who are right now exhausted and sucking in sand in Afghanistan, and one of whom made the ultimate sacrifice for me last week. And I realize that life is actually pretty damn good, and could be (and has been), much, much worse.
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    Don't let your guard down, things come in threes!
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    Now that you got all of that out of the way, the next 10 years ought to be smooth. One sign of a good guy is one who can share his mishaps and blunders with others and still keep his head up. Have a nice day. (No, I mean it, have a nice day this time.)
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    Days like that Chris are known as "character" builders.
    Don't believe what you hear and only half of what you see!
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    Even Alexander had bad days. At least you didn't call Australia!
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliott

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    lol. Today was good, I got a domestic violence conviction today on an earlier case when I assisted IMPD as just a security guard with blue line, woman was leaving the husband and filing for divorce/PO and he came in and started in on her. DV, PI, and resisting is what IMPD got him for, had ten witnesses to the events and the arrest plus my testimony helping with the arrest so we got the conviction, 6 years is nothing, but its much better than 0. Now she can be safe with him behind bars for a while and I feel my swagger coming back. Got out of court, went to work and there was a pasta salad there that someone had saved for me to eat for dinner on my shift, and noone called to bother me. I know yesturday could have been so much worse, but I still needed to vent. Thanks to everyone who is serving overseas so I can have my bad day. JD, that was rude...lol. Buckeye I was wondering about that, should I be offering congratulations or condolences for you getting out? Thanks everyone else for your kind words.
    "The value you put on the lost will be determined by the sacrifice you are willing to make to seek them until they are found."

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    There's no crying in Law Enforcement, Evelyn. :-p

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    I think Chris has had more NDs than Barney ever did.
    Those were On Purpose D's in disguise...
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