For us'ns looking at a possiable visit from Irene

For us'ns looking at a possiable visit from Irene

This is a discussion on For us'ns looking at a possiable visit from Irene within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Particularly for southern/east coast/gulf coast members: Who's planning to bug-out? What plans are in place and what planning has to be made in order to ...

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Thread: For us'ns looking at a possiable visit from Irene

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    For us'ns looking at a possiable visit from Irene

    Particularly for southern/east coast/gulf coast members:

    Who's planning to bug-out? What plans are in place and what planning has to be made in order to get outta her (or any hurricane's) way?

    This is mostly for discussion sake and to see what others are/arn't doing.

    As for me, Insurence: check. Guns/ammo:check. Cash:never enough, but check. Medications:check
    gassed-up generator:check. Blender: . B.O.B.: check.

    This'll be intresting, my son, DIL and g-kids are supposed to be here Wed. or Thurs. after driving in from Seattle too.......

    Hope Ms. Irene finds somewhere else to be a pain.
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    Wish you the best of luck. Lived in South Florida for several years, now retired to the Ozarks,but have been back down there many times, volunteering for the American Red Cross. It's a big decision to make, wondering what the path of destruction is going to be. We moved there with a big 5th Wheel, and 2 weeks later, hurricane David hit. Didn't know where or what to do, but the authorities just said "to get outta Dodge". They didn't care where, just leave the area.

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    Best of luck! Might be a good time to visit the relatives in Tennessee!
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    I'd pay real money if Irene would come here to Texas. The Dallas/Ft.Worth area has been like the Sahara desert this year. No rain to speak of in months and over 100 degrees every day for so long I can't remember now. some neighboring cities have had to shut off water. its ridiculous. I'd love a hurricane to come through here.. I doubt there'd be any flooding as the dried up earth would probably absorb all of the rainfall. hahaaha.
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    I Hope the OBX stays safe until at least mid september.
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    I'm nice and inland, so I plan to unclog any gutters and make sure my balcony is draining properly. I'll try to park the car away from any potential tree branches that might fall... Most of the trees that were going to give-way have already done so, this year. Hope everyone near the coast stays safe.

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    don't forget your important papers to take with you. do a quick video of your house, room by room, closet by closet - don't forget your garage or outbuildings (tools). Let someone out of state know where and how you are and let everyone else in the family call them, not you. evacuate to the southwest, not northeast. leave before they ask to avoid traffic. consider it a short vacation and enjoy your time away. there will be plenty of work to do when you get back. Good luck.

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    Not planning to bug-out since we are a good 200 miles from closest landfall and when they get up here, there isn't much left. However, we had plans to visit in-laws in Charleston this weekend that might have to be canceled. If we stay home, we will offer our home to friends and family that need to evacuate. We should probably buy extra toilet paper.

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    We’re a little over 100 miles from the coast and did not have any problems from either Fran or Floyd so will stay put. Have plenty of water, food, gas, meds, cigarettes, beer and ammo and the generator is gassed up with plenty of spare gas. Hurricane party anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justified View Post
    I Hope the OBX stays safe until at least mid september.
    Just spent a week there and it was glorious; already making plans for next year. We're staying put for Irene at our house in central SC, it made it through Hugo so I know we're OK. Working EMS this weekend is gonna suck though =)
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    A friend of mine is a fishing guide on Santee and he has already canceled the trips and headed back home to Rock Hill.

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    looks like she's going for the carolinas

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    N/E Florida
    I live about 15 mile inland, Not planning on going anywhere as for now ; )
    H/D PS I will be watching & Hope it takes a turn
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    Didn't see you mention batteries, water, food, radio (emergency NOAA, GMRS), Family Protection plan, etc....

    Right now we are watching and waiting to see where it goes. As of 1700 hrs advisory 9 still has the cone of uncertainty brushing by the Tampa Bay area and it still has time to turn either way or peter out.
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    I'm about 50mi inland.

    I have bugged out when a couple of large hurricanes were expected to come this far inland. But, it has to be cat 3 or greater for me to think about it.

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