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For those of you on the east coast...

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Thread: For those of you on the east coast...

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    Hopefully we live just far enough inland to miss the brunt of this one. They sure can fool you - we rode out Fran in 96 and Floyd in 99. Lost power both times and my generator came in handy. Wish all those closer to the coast the best of luck.
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    Suffolk, Virginia
    Floyd dumped about 4 inches of water into my basement when I lived in Newport News. It tore the crap out of Franklin though.
    LOTS of rain in that one.

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    Virginia Beach here. It's Not gonna be fun at all. The Nor-easter we had a few years ago did more flood damage and it rained for weeks prior to that so the ground was softer and more up rooted trees. The mood here from most is to ride out the storm. Kinda sucks for me as I am a city employee and on alpha team for damage assessment after the storms. Let's put it this way, people are not the kindness in nature after something like this and I wish they would let us carry.

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    im excited, we havent had a good storm in a while here in CT. parked my car under the down hill side of the biggest tree i could find in my yard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevy-SS View Post
    I'm in Rhode island. Looking forward to the excitement! -
    Well, get ready.
    I was in Rhode Island in 1985 for hurricane Gloria. My wife talked me into (what was I thinking?) taking Amtrak from Florida to Providence, then down to Newport by car.
    Needless to say we spent 3 days in a mom and pop motel in Woonsockett, picked because it was on high ground and made of concrete blocks. The return train (the first out) took 7 hrs to get from Providence to NYC. They ran out of food and all the toilets were full.

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    We had a few brushes with hurricanes I'll ride em out, Unless a high preasure system come along & makes em take a hard left

    Last bigun we seen was Dora in 64, I was 3 year old ; )
    A Native Floridian = RARE


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    Darn! Sixto, Now I really miss Ohio!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tzadik View Post
    You don't live on the coast. Hurricane Isabelle beat the crap out of us in 2003 We lost power for 9 days trees down all over the place.
    Friend of mine had chest high water in his house that's already jacked up 5 feet. Live through one or two on the coast, They are nothing to joke about.
    Irene is shaping up to be worse.
    When I lived in NC, HUGO eye passed right over our house. We went outside when the eye passed over and it was like a bright sunny day for a little bit, then it started up again. When the back half hit us, the wind was much harder and blowing in the opposite direction. We had 200+ year old white oak trees falling all around the house. Scared the crap out of us. No power for weeks. Couldn't get a bag of ice, generator, or chainsaw for love or money. It wasn't fun. The ice storm of 93 was about as bad.

    My wife and I rode out FLOYD in Myrtle Beach SC on about the 10th floor of a hotel. The road flooded and we couldn't go anywhere if we wanted to (the hotel was beside an inlet and it flooded). That one wasn't too bad.
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    FL native of 50+ yrs here. Been through plenty of these. Loved 'em as a kid. Hate 'em now.
    Too much work to prepare for, then recover from, if hit.
    Hate not having power (no AC in FL in Aug or Sept sucks!)

    If the track is just right, someone will end up with some significant storm surge.
    A buddy is in Kitty Hawk. I hope he is on the road by now.
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    The boss came into my office at work, in the Triangle area which is expected to get some wind, but not sever and told me to keep my cell phone on and with me in case I am needed this weekend. He said that we aren't taking any special precautions or having operations staff on duty (we are a University utility) but be prepared to come in if they need help. This far inland, the hurricanes are usually a problem when the come up from the gulf, rather than the coast. This one will probably give us some rain and some wind, but thats about it.

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    We will see what happens in CT, nothing I hope.

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    I just hope those that are told to evacuate do so. I personally saw over 1000 bodies of people that didn't do as they were advised in Louisiana. I was in the middle of Hugo having grown up near Myrtle Beach and it sucked.

    Those on the coast in the direct path that think they can ride it out might end up taking a different the wrong end of a 53' reefer.
    May you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Ehh, yeah, maybe so.... a lot of people thought the same about Katrina too. I'm hoping for an Ike like event. We actually got to see some of it in Ohio.
    Ike in Houston was not much fun, no power for 2 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doodle View Post
    Ike in Houston was not much fun, no power for 2 weeks.
    Yeah, I hear ya... I'm sure it was much more powerful there before it made its way all the way up here. Interestingly enough, there was a lot of people up here without power that long too. (but I was not one of them)
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    I flew out of town just before Ike and drove back home Monday after. There were lights on for about two blocks in Jasper, then two gas stations near Cleveland on US-59 then nothing until beltway 8. Not even the red beacons on top of towers. It was dark out!
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