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So, THIS is what anti's think...

This is a discussion on So, THIS is what anti's think... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; He mentioned how the governor signed a bill allowing ccw in bars then proceeded to insinuate that meant that person was allowed to consume alcohol ...

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Thread: So, THIS is what anti's think...

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    He mentioned how the governor signed a bill allowing ccw in bars then proceeded to insinuate that meant that person was allowed to consume alcohol while carrying.

    100% incorrect. Ohio is strict about drinking and carrying. The author hasn't a clue. He doesn't think it is possible someone would carry a gun into an establishment if it is illegal to do so.... He is the kind of idiot that lives in his own elaborate fantasy world. If he was ever wronged he would blame the gun not the criminal.

    I think the level of ignorance made my IQ drop a little.

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    I sent him this and asked him to read it
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    What a maroon!

    Shannon, I highly suspect you wasted your time. But, you were far more mature than this Gross fellow.
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    Despite my cringing, I managed to read the entire article. I would definitely say this person has his facts wrong and his opinions are very biased. Probably some childhood experience made him afraid of guns. Of course he fails to address the primary problem with his idea of getting rid of all of the guns. How does one do it? How can you take all of the citizens' guns away and make absolutely sure that you have them all and that no criminals will be getting their hands on illegal guns? Heck, I consider myself a law-abiding citizen, but I can assure you that should such a gun ban ever go into effect, over half of my guns will "suddenly" disappear before big-brother comes to collect them. "OH, I'm sorry, I sold a bunch of those recently, and my house was robbed and they took a few others." Unless they are going to come in and tear my house apart and take x-rays of the walls and search through the attic, they aren't going to find them all. So if they can't even collect them all from the law-abiding citizens, how are they going to collect them from the criminals and gangs?
    "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws." -Plato

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    Typical liberal crap. One thing I find common among liberals is their superiority complex. They all seem to believe they know what is best for others. They treat people who do not feel and act as they do as if they were some misguided child who must be looked after. As if to say, "I know better than you do what is best for you." The writer is no different.

    If I were to follow his logic I would say that everyone who skydives or bungee jumps has a death wish and constantly attempts things which will inevitably result in their demise. I would back this up by siting one instance where someone was killed or injured while skydiving or bungee jumping and at the same time ignoring the many thousands of successful jumps. The real truth is it would scare the crap out of me. But simply because I do not have the nerve to do it does not mean someone who does is mentally deficient in some way. I would like to sue for emancipation from these individuals who believe they know what is best from me and must look after me like a parent. I want them to stop assuming that simply because I do not act or feel the way they do that I am flawed or less intelligent.

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    OH MAN.....Where Do I Start?

    "I shot a gun once back when I was 11 or 12 years old.
    Living in the country, my father let me shoot his gun into a field. I remember the shot being loud and me falling down as the gun went off. It was scary."

    Ouch! The shot was SO LOUD it hurt my prepubescent ears!
    THIS I BELIEVE ~ That This Timid Little Tit Mouse fell on his ass & he still has not gotten up yet.
    WHAT????? His FATHER Actually Owned A Gun And This Guy Is Still Alive. His Father Never Shot Him & Killed Him? How Can That Be? His Father should have done the world a favor and shot him at birth immediately after he they accidentally dropped him on his head.

    "I don’t think my grandfather owned a gun, but he did own a rifle."

    Everybody KNOWS That A Rifle Isn't A Gun.

    "In urban society, guns kill people. I don’t go along with this ******** that guns don’t kill people, that people kill people. If a regular citizen wasn’t allowed to carry a gun, then the temptation wouldn’t be there to pull the trigger when tempers flare. This especially holds true in bars.
    I don’t get why Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law late last June that it’s now legal to carry a concealed weapon into a bar. Commonsense says that guns and alcohol don’t mix."

    Gee...In PA Folks can carry in bars and even legally consume alcohol if they really wanted to & we don't have people getting shot in bars every day.

    "You can put a gun in your sock, in your underwear or even up your ass."

    Up your greatly enlarged personal anal area...possibly? self-proclaimed wussy rectal firearm expert.

    "When this new law starts to become old hat with bar owners and bartenders, the checking for guns will become lackluster. That’s when people will start getting shot. This law should go away. Until it does, you won’t ever find me in a bar late at night. I want to die from natural causes, not get shot by a person who’s had too many Budweisers."

    "Until it does, you won’t ever find me in a bar late at night."

    Oh...Thank The LORD For Minor Miracles.

    Beware "The Budweiser Killer" is making the bar circuit prowling for total idiots.

    "In case you haven’t guessed by now, I don’t own a gun."

    Gee Willikers...I Like woulda Never Guessed.

    "I don’t even own a ball bat to protect myself or my belongings from intruders. However, I do own a pretty mean walking cane and I know how to use it — not only for walking but for beating up anybody after me or my stuff. I don’t need bullets and a gun for protection."

    This...speaks volumes & YES, by all means use your Walking Cane to protect your Barbie & Ken Dolls & Your Beanie Baby Collection.
    Protect your valuable HOT WHEELS from criminals intent on taking them from you. GROW UP you infantile Bubinga headed moron.

    "I’m for gun control. Yes, I want to take away your gun."

    Come & Take Them. Threaten Me With Your Pretty MEAN Walking Stick & I'll Submit to Your Demands.

    "I believe only a few people should be allowed to have them, and if wishing could make it so, here are some gun laws I’d like to see."

    Read any good, accurate, factual World History books lately?

    "It goes without saying our military needs to keep their guns."

    No! WHY??? Just Give Them HEAVY Hardwood Sticks! If it's good enough for YOU then it should be good enough for THEM!

    It also should go without saying that we need less military.

    Oh...THAT goes without saying. Make LOVE Not War!
    Where Have All The Flowers Gone?....Long Time Passing... Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya my
    Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya...

    "I can go along with a person getting a hunting license and carrying a rifle.
    I don’t see the joy in killing animals for pleasure, but if that’s your hobby, so be it."

    Thank You SO MUCH for your generosity Your Highness...but, I think now that I'll just go grab a BIG MAC...NO MEAT! ~ it's so much more civilized.

    "Police officers should, of course, be allowed to carry guns.
    Probably not all cops should be gun carrying cops, but that’s an argument for a different day."

    Oh yes, a valid argument...just for a different with friends on Earth Day...maybe?

    "In general, police need to protect us from the bad people, and if any of these bad people get caught with a gun — assuming the rest of us citizens can’t own one — then that person should be put away for a very long time even if his or her original crime is jaywalking."

    I personally believe that Jay-Walkers should be put to death even if they don't own a gun. They absolutely do not belong in Civilized Society!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

    We need to become a more civilized society. We need to respect life and not allow ways to damage it.
    Some people understand this, but some will never be able to figure this out — like that business owner I did consulting work for.

    "A couple months after I got canned for being too honest, he got arrested in a downtown bar for pulling out a gun and almost shooting a guy. Following the case, I learned that charges were dropped except for one. He lost his gun license. He wasn’t allowed to ever carry a gun again. End of story? Hardly. Only three weeks later, he was arrested in the same bar, this time for carrying an illegal gun. He couldn’t stop carrying a damn gun.

    He just couldn't STOP it was like a doggone Cocaine Addiction.
    And ALL gun owners are just like him...they MUST BE! Why...because they own GUNS!

    OH...Why don't I believe your story with all of the "facts" changed that does not include a name of the business owner...of course to protect yourself from possible retaliation.

    "Gun people. I just don’t get them."
    But....we get you...stupid little pathetic fraidycat wimpy Dictator Sheeple.
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    and the advertisement to the side was about bottomless bowling?

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    Pssst, hey everyone, I think QK has lost it. Kidding QK, that was funny. I actually started laughing at the "OH MAN...where do I start?" A lot of times we can point out maybe one or two things that are rediculous or unrealistic views from a gunophobe, but that whole article was like an 8 year old's class report about the monster in his closet. When I read that article, some of the replies to it were funny too.
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    I think you need to take a breath....They are among us, like cockroaches......
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

    And Shepards we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee,
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    I don't even know where to start, but he did say something about not wanting all cops to carry guns...

    I have been surrounded by 6 to 10 corrupt Sheriff deputies and threatened to be taken off to jail for attempting to lawfully pay my taxes in accordance with the Us Coinage law USMC 5103 section 31 or so. I was in compliance with every single law while in that public building and I was not loud, disrespectful, demanding or rude and the officers took the first initiative to threaten me because they did not understand the law they were meant to enforce; I have it all on video by the way and I am working on a case against that department to have each and every officer dishonorably discharged for allowing me to become the victim of 2 felonies while in a gun-free zone and in their presence and in the same building which they also have a sheriff sub-station.

    I even printed the law out the next time I went there and they still tried forcefully (I said don't lay a hand on me) escorting me out while failing to identify themselves and saying their name/badge number was none of my business. They disregarded the law and said they didn't care about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adric22 View Post
    So if they can't even collect them all from the law-abiding citizens, how are they going to collect them from the criminals and gangs?
    Cash for guns, buy back program...doncha' know. Check out homeboy in the photo trying to keep his prints off his illegal shotty.

    Use Your Gun To Get Holiday Cash

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    Who or what is going to defend this left tilted swelled head when BGs are after him and his family with no LEOs are around.

    Of course the BGs will have what they want to use, but if he runs away and saves his left leaning ___, what will become of his family left to stand with out him.

    All it will take to convert this left leaning ---- is one good brush with evil, without him having anything to deal with that evil.
    I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness,
    nor the arrow for its swiftness,
    nor the warrior for his glory.
    I love only that which they defend.
    -J.R.R. Tolkien

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    not in Kansas anymore...

    The writer should move to...

    the UK.

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